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Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I want to hear yours. I am a Christmas fanatic, although I have really been holding out on listening to Christmas music. But I want to hear your traditions to help us develop a few of our own. We really want to bring the real meaning of Christmas in our house and want our house to be full of memories for sweet girl!!

So bring em on!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

this week

We are leaving next Tuesday evening for our trip to FL for Thanksgiving. This will be our first trip home for a holiday since we have been married, over 8 years ago. I am very excited and anticipating this wonderful experience with Michael and sweet LynnMarie!

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions, what do you do leading up to CHristmas? I have to figure ours out. I have so many planned but would like to really simplify things as its not about all the things you do for the Holiday, but remembering what its all about and that is the one thing I want LynnMarie to remember!

Keep praying for us! LynnMarie has had a nasty cold/cough/congestion for 7 days now and Michael is sick as well!

Friday, November 06, 2009

catching up

I swore I would not get sucked into facebook and neglect my blog which is what has happened. Its so sad since I love blogging and getting to know bloggers and whats going on in their lives.
Nothing new to report here although if you ever want to see pics of the most precious little girl, find me on facebook or head over to the family blog at

Loving the weather, loving my family and my little girl. I have already experienced many of the things I have dreamed about and had other surprises. 2 weekends ago, LynnMarie got sick. It was not as bad as it could have been, but the nurse in me started guessing what was wrong. She woke up one night crying so hard she threw up all over me..After getting us cleaned, we first rocked in her nursery and I tried to sing almost every song I could remember. Just some sweet praise music along with some old 80s music that I cant forget the words..I bet we rocked well over an hour and you could tell she did not feel good. But we rocked and her eyes closed and every few minutes, she would smile. She was getting comfortable. But no sleep.

SO we went downstairs and watched the Mickey MOuse Clubhouse movie and other cartoons and even played until almost 6am. Still worried, I went ahead and took her to the doctor who tested her for stuff and found out she had a virus that caused some sores in her throat which is why she had been crying.. 2 days later she was back to herself. Man, I love this little girl

Did I tell you that for the first time since we have been married, we are going home for Thanksgiving? I am so excited to be around all my family for almost a whole week. And when we get back, its Christmas time baby!!!!!! Yippee!