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What would you like to know? I am fun, but crazy. I have a most perfect husband, and 2 cats named Samson and Delilah. We are presently working on adopting a little girl from China and have a separate blog for that. I am a Christian and am working on a better relationship with him. I live in the Atlanta area and love sharing stories with people. I am also a pediatric nurse and I love it! I love to talk and meet new people and I love Disney Cruising

Friday, December 29, 2006

Fridays Feast

How do you usually celebrate on New Year's Eve?
I usually volunteer and let the young nurses go party..

Name one thing unexpected that happened to you in 2006.
we started the adoption process. Hopefully we will be going to China in 2008.
You can read our journey at

Where was your favorite place that you visited in 2006?
Disney Cruise with the Family..really enjoyed Key West.Also, 5th anniversary trip to Williamsburg. We stayed in the same place we honeymooned at..very romantic

Main Course
What resolution is your top priority for 2007?
lose weight and get logged into China and get on the waiting list

Using just three words, describe 2006.
Self-Aware, surprising, satisfaction

Prayer Request

Having done my physical for the adoption, thing my dr just called and said that after 2 blood tests, my white blood cell count is a bit elevated..Its down from last time, but still on the hight end.It was 13, now 11. Not sure whats up, but she wants me to see a hematologist.
Pray its nothing serious..

Being the nurse I am, I have googled everything and it could just be an infection or inflammation. My first thought was leukemia, but my numbers would have been much higher and not have decreased...

Anyway, it will be consuming my mind until then..


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Its been 2 days without soda and so far so good. I have done this before and after the first week or 2 its been smooth sailing.

Look for updates on the Adoption site found here. More paperwork to do and deadlines to meet but we can hopefully do it. Two more forever families were introduced this Christmas in China. Check the site out for their stories.

Happy new year!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about Amy

This weeks Thursday 13 (which is being put up Wednesday night) will be more specific on how I want to lose weight this year. Feel free to comment or list any healthy snacks. Thats going to be my biggest problem as I still work night shift!

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Merry New Year and Happy Belated Christmas

Good morning blogging people! Its 5am and I am back at work from the holidays. I am saddenned that a family I have really grown to love is still here. I soo wanted them home for the holiday. But what a spirit my favorite patient has. I wish I had time to play chess tonight or to at least learn, next time!

So, I am going to list my new year resolutions. I wanted this to be my Thursday 13 tomorrow but that will be more specific!


1)Lose at least 50 pounds. I do not talk about my weight or any other weakness. Typing this is a big deal. Perhaps it will make me do something more about it. By losing weight, I will become healthier

2)Make more time for quiet time with God. Seriously, 2 hours on the internet and I dont give Him 20 minutes? What is wrong with me.

3)Get rid of everything I dont need. Im talking clothes that are multiple sizes too small, collectables..I need to donate to others this year.

4)Be a better wife. Im not admitting I am a bad one. I want my actions to show how much I love my Michael. I want to make his life easier. I dont let him know how much I really appreciate him at times. Its in my mind, but I need to be a better support for him

5)Become less selfish. When I whine about not getting my way, I want to think about others who dont have has much as me

6)enjoy every moment of family time when we get it. I love my nieces and nephews and want to spend some quality time with them. All 4 are at a good age right now

7)Get involved in a church..uhm...enough said

8)Get logged in to the China database and begin the wait!

9)Stop spending money on things I really dont need

I could go on but I just want to become better. A better person that I! I want to put others first all of the time. I have learned more from the parents of my patients then my multiple years in college and for this I am grateful.

Okay, thats really all i have to say about that!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Christmas at the Christopher
The First pic is of the boys playing poker. It seemed like they were having a good time and I hear my hubby was winning. There are 3 boys. Peter is the oldest, then hubby MIchael and then Tim who is the youngest who lives in Florida. The chair is to represent the fact that we missed Tim and his family this year..At first, the empty chair was a joke but in all reality, we missed them

I've been tagged

Well, I have been tagged by another Amy so its my turn to write 6 odd things about me! Dont laugh, I know I am odd.

Here we go
1) I love salt on lemons. I dont care about tooth enamel at all..Salt and lemons rock
2) I started at Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta over 5 years ago. Over 5 years ago, my obsessions with baby names began. Dear people, why did everyone choose my favorite names? my list has now dwindled to less than 20
3)I love finding old friends. I love it when old friends find me..I really enjoy looking back at old times
4)I am not OCD but there are certain things I have to do my way and I am not comfortable unless I am doing it. Too many things to list here. I am sure hubby can can come up with some and hopefully he will
5)I love Christmas. I mean really love Christmas. there is so much I have to do during Christmas, I end up frustrated if I cant do it all. See below memo
6)I am crazy. Not so crazy I need to be locked up, but random thoughts shoot out of my mouth all the time and I make others crazy

Ok, with that being said, I now will tag the following people. Make sure you go visit and make sure they list 6 funky things about them!!!

Panda Mom
Mommy Spics

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas is behind us or at least 12/25 is

Regarding this season, I think I missed it. Oh, I tried to slow down and enjoy it, Michael helped me accomplish what I needed to do, but I missed something. There will be more blogging regarding that sentence later
That being said,
We had a wonderful Christmas Day. Dec 24th, Michael and I visited a new church and hope to visit it again. We came home and ate Chinese and watched Christmas Vacation and the Grinch.
We woke up and took our time getting downstairs. After playing with Lucy the Basset Hound, we opened our gifts, watched Santa Clause 2, got ready and headed over the Christophers in Douglasville. We had an awesome dinner and exchanged gifts, chatted and enjoyed the company. We arrived home late, and MIchael went directly to bed.

What I learned was:
Do not give Lucy the Basset HOund Chinese leftovers or you will be cleaning her vomit up when you get home from Christmas dinner..Thanks for keeping it in the corner Lucy

Appreciate your family.Love them unconditionally because you hope they do the same for you.
Michael took care of me this year. Lots of lotions, and new shoes and a scrub top and lots more..He was very thoughtful this year and I love him oh so much.

For those who know my friend Yancy, baby Arianna made her appearance last week! Yeah! That baby is a miracle. What a great gift this season

Stay tuned for the 2007 weight loss diet rules I have made for myself. Dont laugh at them, I have to make them as simple as I can.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmastime is near

Well, if you head over to hubbys blog, you will find his take on today along with his Friday Flashback videos.

All in all a good day. Brother in law Peter took us to a Thrashers game last night and we had a blast..IT was a hockey game, in case you didnt know. We got home late and woek up around 10am. MIchael went shopping and I hit one last store for one more item.
We made it over to Shiloh Hills Baptist Church for a candlelight service and plan on attending during a regular service. I was invited by a parent of a patient of mine, but they were at the hospital so I was unable to visit with them. We are currently in intermission of movies. We just finished watching Christmas Vacation and while I finish laundry, MIchael will wrap gifts and we will conclude the movies with the Grinch.

Tomorrow, breakfast, gifts, and over to Douglasville for family time..

I wish Jeff and Val a happy first Christmas together.

I wish all the new forever families a first of many memories.
Dont forget the real reason of the Hoiday.
Dont forget those who dont have families to be with.
Dont forget the men and women overseas who are still protecting us and defending us.
Dont forget the children (and parents) whos Christmas is in the hospital.
Dont forget the homeless this season.

Cyndi, thanks for Friday Feast regarding me...

Merry Christmas and see ya soon!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Fridays Feast

Friday, December 22, 2006
Feast One Hundred & Twenty Three
What is one of your Christmas traditions?

Since we have been married, we either go to Waffle House for breakfast or michael has made pancakes before and they were good. I hope he comments here to see if he remembers any. We try to see Christmas lights each season

Who is the easiest person on your list to buy presents for?

Dad..he wants the basics.tshirts, socks thats about it

What is your favorite Christmas scent?

cinnamon although I went to Yankee Candle today and they had some nice scents..Usually i have to hold my nose when walking by

Main Course
If you could give a fellow blogger a Christmas gift, who would it be and what would you give them?

hmm....Janeen..something to give her more time. She is about to have another baby and will be busy. Also, my hubby..I would buy him aDisney Cruise again if i could

What's something on your Christmas wish list this year that you need (not just want)?

hmmm..i keep forgetting..anything that helps me learn about China or clean my house or to help me sleep (im a nightshift nurse)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Challenge to ya

Just wanted to know what ideas you have to serve others? Not necessarily what you are going to do, but just some ideas that you may have to help others!

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about Amy…. 13 Places and foods that have helped me become fluffier. I wanted to stay with the Christmas theme but I couldnt come up with anything
1. The Plane Jane at Jasons Deli..butter and sour cream
2.Taco Bell ..Even if dinner only costs 3.99, its apparently still fattening
3.Chicken O'Tenders from O'Charleys. I ate here a lot in college, and I mean a lot
4.Red lobster cheese biscuits. I would love to just eat one..not cool
5.McDonalds not sure why, but I think its evil
6.Ben and Jerrys Chunkey Monkey and Chubby Hubby
evil, but good
7.Mexican Cheese Dip from any restaurant.yummy
8.froo froo alcoholic drinks. Apparently even clean drinks have calories
9.Appetizers from any dining establishment. I dont need these but we still get them, still not sure why
10.Lemon Pepper fries from Wing Factory, even at only 3 bucks, I know they are bad for me
11.Bread and butter at Longhorn and Texas Steakhouse. I dont visit often, but I know I dont need them
12.Pasta.. Michael makes good spagetti and we havent eaten it in a while but I swear pasta has caused a weight gain
13.Candy, its just bad
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Hey, if you have never seen a Panda up close, check out this webcam from the Washington zoo..They get pretty close..They have a lot of cameras. we enjoyed our trip

Scroll down a bit

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dear Fellow Staff Member

Dear Fellow Staff Member or parent who snuck into the breakroom,

NO, I didnt want dinner tonight. I am glad you were able to enjoy my Healthy Choice General Tso dinner and all of my Coke Zeros. Im sure you were just helping me become less fluffier. I hope that the extra calories helped you regain your energy. I know that you can not afford those 3 for 6 dollar dinners and I am glad I was able to provide you with much needed nutrients. Consider that your Christmas present.

I am glad I was able to help you rest tonight as you were able to watch all of your favorite shows on TV. I did not mind giving all of your IV meds, or making sure your alone babies were breathing. My crying episode was not about you. The family of my sweet patient who passed away this weekend came by the hospital tonight to deliver extra flowers to the families who were in the hospital. Im not sure why you were rude or why you told them to leave.

Im not bitter. I am hoping you enjoyed my Healthy Choice Meal as I just noticed all of my food was gone as this is first time I am able to sit down and eat. Your lovely comments were just what we all needed to hear this holiday season.

Im just saying

Your coworker,

Wordless Wednesday

Blog of the day

Could it be you? I havent done this in a while and have several bloggers that have been keeping me entertained lately.

So, please stop by and say to them

The bloggers of the day are

Collecting My Thoughts

History Is Elementary

and of course my hubby at

I listed because if you scroll down on his blog, he has some very old school videos. Please stop by and say hello

Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas! Heres your taco

Merry Christmas! Here is your taco! Whats that you say? Well the first floor staff voted to have dinner served at work over having a party somewhere else. I am not complaining, I love free food. It was just off.Only night shift there, not managers or asst managers saying merry christmas but there were tacos..Woohoo..Its not really funny, okay it was.

Apparently, the catering people brought a large serviing of refriend beans and as she was unloading them, it fell on the floor..SHe picked it up and told them that they better eat them because she slaved away at them. I hope she had a better evening.

I worked THurs-Sat and I will say it was the hardest weekend I have had in while. Sat as I was getting ready to leave for work, I checked email and learned a patient had passed away. I was sad but relieved for the family.

Sunday morning, i came home, slept 2 hours and headed to lunch with Jeff and Val at O'Charleys..I had something different. While in college in TN, Ocharleys was a favorite especially the chicken tenders..They are not just chicken tenders but you must order them as CHicken O'tenders..I am just saying. We had to leave the lovely couple and finish shopping which we did and were home by 5..Oh yeah, I was tired. We e finished watching the movie "The Christmas Story" and I quickly fell asleep.

Got up, wrapped gifts, headed to the post office and waited inline to get things shipped. then I went to the store to get soda (4 packs of soda for 10bucks) and a puppy treat, got some fuel for the car and headed home. MIchael and I are both going soda free after Christmas along with other things but we didnt want to miss the deal. I came home, started some laundry, did some work on the kitchen and watched Santa Baby, a movie I recorded a few weeks ago..It was cute. Now I am checking email and going for my nap early.

What did you do this weekend?

Please keep the families listed below in your prayers along with friend Steven who is having atest done today to rule out some things..

Thats all for now.
I am so happy for the families who got their China babies this week! Maisie and Chloe are now with their forever families!!!!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Please take a moment and say a prayer for.......

Please pray for the families of Catie, Morgan and Catherine!!!!

1)Catie is a very special patient who is going through a hard week at home and mommy is 9 months pregnant!
2)Katherine is another special patient whose familiy I have grown to love. They have invited me to church many times and I adore them.
3)Morgan earned her angel wings yesterday. Although it was expected and she is no longer suffering, the family is grieving!

Long night at work...Some really sick kids. I hope they are all better and can go home for Christmas, but if not, I hope we can make it as pleasant as possible.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fridays feast

Feast One Hundred and Twenty Two
What was your very first job with a paycheck?
I was a step above a candy striper..It was in a hospital on a pediatric floor. I guess thats when my career began

Did you ever lose something really important to you?
Oh yeah, but I lose everything..I love it when I find things. I will come back to this.

What is the best Christmas present you ever received?
Im not sure..hubby really thinks of things I mentioned I wanted months ago. he is a great gift giver.

Main Course
Tell about a favorite "hang out" place for you and your friends when you were in high school.
I was a in a youth group rather than the popular crowd at high school. I had fun with my friends at church. I did go to the mall a lot.

Name something that always brings a smile to your face.
my nieces and nephews. This of course is besides the answer of my loving hubby


Well, today marks the first of 3 in a row at work..We will see if I still have the holiday spirit after that. I think Sunday is free and then I work Mon-Wed and then I am off for Christmas.

Trivia last night..WOuld have come in first had we known what car company manufactured the first safety belt or something like that. I am sure Michael will help clarify the question.

Hope all is well!

Congrats to a new pregnant friend, (cant give name, not sure if I have permission or not yet)


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about Amy

Thirteen things I remember at Christmas time

1.My family gave me awesome Christmas memories until I moved out of the house
2.My first Christmas as man and wife was perfect. We had a real tree and a fire and it was cold and cozy!
3.One time I got a Family Ties board game and we played with it before my parents woke up
4.One family member likes to regift
5.I love to stay at home and celebrate the holiday with my family
6. I love to attend Christmas Eve Candlelight services and not because I always had to
7.I love the fact that santa still leaves me a full stocking
8.I love to read the story of the real reason of Christmas. What a humble, awesome story to remember
9.I remember going on a hayride to see Christmas lights in a neighborhood one year
10.One year, we all got to pick our favorite food and that was Christmas dinner..It was eclectic, but wonderful
11.I loved making Christmas lists every year for Santa
12. I hated the day I realized that I got a lot more at Christmas than many children around the world
13. Christmas movies rock. I loved watching them with Kelly and Wes!!!!

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So, if you head on over to the adoption blog, you can read the events of the day!

All is well, and I am thankful for my new blogger friends. Most of you dont really know me, but i am usually lighthearted and positive. In fact, I am pretty silly at times and hubby Michael would agree to that! I am also thankful that there are so many believers in the blogger world. If you would, say a prayer for us this week that we do not get so discouraged over things that are happenning. There is nothing terribly bad going on in our lives. We are blessed beyond my imagination and i am feeling guilty for being a bit disappointed in events!!!!!!

To those of you who signed the adoption blog to pray for us, it means the world to me THANKS!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wordless Wednesday/Christmas Party

Lucy The Bassett Hound at the Party

Monday, December 11, 2006

Michael W Smith Christmas Concert

Have you ever heard a song that moves you tears? I am not talking about the Christmas shoes!!!!I mean, those serious songs that just move you! Tonight, MWS had a special guest and I do not remember his name. He sang O Holy Night and it was the best version of the song I have ever heard and I have heard every version. It was awesome. What a beautiful sacred song!The Fox Theatre was silent.

Weekend details coming. Lucy the bassett hound costume pictures to be posted tomorrow night..Check out the family blog for news


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas time is here,

Rough Day! Woke up early, ready to get to work early for a meeting I have been working on for a few weeks regarding holiday Staffing. On my way out the door, I realized I left my keys in Michaels car which was 45 minutes away. I ended up conference calling but this still bummer me out. Michael and I were both tired and grumpy. It happens but its Christmas but being in a bad mood makes me cry. We walked the mall, attempted to shop and bought one single item and left. I could have cried the whole way home. I almost did. I was tired, discouraged and felt like I disappointed people, but whatever.

We got home and after a phone call decided on dinner and a game or movie with Jeff and Val which is the best thing that could have happened. We worked on a few Christmas decorations for the party this weekend and then watched Scene It where Michael won the game. Jeff won last time, so next time its time for the girls to win! We started watching POC2 and then we all got tired. I am so glad they came over, because it really helped to change my entire mood.

By the way, Lucy the basset hound got her Christmas costume today..Im just saying..

Peace out

Friday Feast

Friday, December 08, 2006
Feast One Hundred & Twenty One
Which language would you like to learn and why?
I would love to be fluent in French and Sign Language. SPanish would make my job so much easier as a nurse

What's the funniest thing you've heard or read so far this week?
See the Panda video below

Which movie was so bad you couldn't watch the whole thing?
Adam Sandler had a movie called CabinBoy..It was really bad. Also, something about the island of dr moreau

Main Course
If there were a holiday in your honor that didn't use your actual name, what would the day be called?
Random thought day. or Please dont take anything this girl says seriously day

Name one movie which is coming out soon that you would like to see.
Mrs Potter with Renee Zellwegger also any of the Christmas movies

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about Amy

I was going to do 13 restaurants that have helped me become fluffier (I thought that was better word than tub o lard) but I decided to do something a bit more holidayish so here are 13 Christmas songs I love
1. O Holy Night- I judge every Christmas cd by this one. I prefer slow versions, like Josh Grobin but Sandy Patti and Josh Berry all have good ones.
2. Have yourself a merry little Christmas- my favorite non religious song
3.the christmas song that says woop-tee-doo in it. I am not sure of the title but it always makes me laigh
4.O Come All Ye Faithful- Favorite versions now done by Third Day and Steven Curtis Chapman
5.Happy Birthday Jesus- Younger cousin sang this when she was 5..Its precious if you have heard it
6.Christmas Shoes- just wonderful. Book and movie are good too
7.The First Noel - to me, the easiest Christmas song to play on the piano
8.Deck the Halls - my mom loves the version from The Christmas story where the Chinese waiters sing it for the family
9.Love Has Come -from the first Amy Grant Christmas cd- I just think of me and my brother and sister when I hear this one
10.Where are you Christmas? I love this song. Its from the Grinch movie by Faith Hill
11.We're not that far from Bethlehem- this is from the Point of Grace cd
12.Breath of Heaven- I think even the title is just beautiful
13.Mary Did you Know? MIchael English had a great version

You can hear a great song by Third Day on this site. Just skip the song playing on the audio thing. Also, check out for another Christmas song related to adoption

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Panda Sneeze

Please watch and enjoy the panda!!!!

Wordless Wednesday

This weeks WW is dedicated to baby Owen, my sisters youngest. Isnt he talented?????

Monday, December 04, 2006

random thoughts from the blog owner

So, random thoughts you say? Right now, its 2:08am I just decorated room 112 for our holiday theme and I am checking out blogs. Today I am feeling lazy. Truly lazy. I dont know why. Motivation is gone. Perhaps by writing these words, it will come back. BTW, room 112 is Greece since we are celebrating countries around the world and the holidays they have.

Whats on my mind? I dont even feel like I can be that honest because I dont know who will read this, while hoping some don't. Isnt that odd? I would never have started blogging if it had not been for Steven R! Someone told me to go to his website which led me to xanga which led me here. He has an interesting blog. He had a photo caption contest that was cool. Then there is Jeff, who presently has pics up of him and his lovely bride along with Michael and I at Lake Lanier last week. Then there is hubby MIchael, oh my hubby MIchael, who is a great writer and has interesting things to say. Today, he wrapped up our Sunday on his blog. I do recommend you checking them out for entertainment

Am I depressed? I dont think so. I really think that I have high expectations and I just realized it. I am disappointed in myself? Why>
1) The house is not as organized as I want it to be. I can do, but why dont't I?
2) I cry when I hear about people who are less fortunate, those in need. I want to help, but why don't I? Because I am lazy.
3)I wanted Christmas shopping and the house to be done by now and its not. Mind you, this is not MIchaels fault. Before I was married, I made time for everything what happenned? My fear is if we dont get traditions started, what will happen when we get back from China with this precious baby?
4) I cant find the time. I love night shift. I love night shift pay. I love my days off with hubby. Yet, I want to go to days. If you know me, the you know I am not a day shift nurse!
5)I love Atlanta and I do not want to move yet I want to be closer to family. Whats my problem? It is here that I am happy that Michaels dad and his wife live nearby.
6)I love Lucy but she is a pain. Is it because she is bad or is that I am too lazy to put things aways and that makes it easier for her to be bad?

As I write this, I get the morning admission list and I get to see the different children that are coming in tomorrow. I think of the parents and the children.

BTW, if you cry when you hear the Christmas shoes, there is a new song out. Mind you, I know how blessed I am and I try to appreciate all the things God has blessed me with. There is just a lot things on my mind right now. I am thankful that I made it to become a pediatric nurse, I really could not imagine doing anything else right now!

This holiday season is a special one. Every holiday season is special. I treasure every moment and memory I encounter. I love my friends and family. The fact that so many people have come into mylife in 2006 has been awesome! It has brought so many memories to me and its been great.

I know that very few people read this and its okay. I feel like I am just venting and when I am done, I usually feel much better. I look forward to day off with Michael on thursday and trivia on Wednesday...Good times will be had by all..

Keep checking over at Will be adding the latest prayer requests soon!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

old friends and new

Its Friday night and sweet MIchael is sleeping. He only got about 4 1/2 hours last night and I hope he gets some needed rest over the weekend while I am working.

Whats been going on? Well Friday night, MIchael and I, along with Val and Jeff (Valfrey to some of you) headed to Smokey Bones for dinner, quick stop at the Christian Bookstore for some Christmas music and Lake Lanier for lights. Truly, we had fun..The weather was warm but I think we all had a good time. It was nice to spend some time with them. I was pretty sleepy by then, so I got kind of silly..Hope I didnt offend them!

Quick note..Well, not so quick. God is bringing old friends back into my life. It started at Jef and Vals wedding, where I saw Tracy. Tracy was my first college roomie. I saw Jenny H there as well who was another roomie. The next week, I get an email from the 4th and final roomie Jenny who found my blog by accident. It was great hearing about her.

I went to elementary and middle school in Rock Hill SC. I went to a private school and was active in the church. I can remember all of my classmates because we were in each grade together. Anyway, I have been thinking about the pastor of the church (who is still the pastor after 20 years) and his family because his wife passed away earlier this year. I sent him an email and got a quick response. His daughter quickly emailed me and it was just a neat thing to catch up on things. She is still friends with people we were in kindergarten with!

Im not sure whats going on, but I love reliving memories and even Jeff and Val mentioned names I had forgotten about.

If any Union Alumn read this, there is a group of people trying to get a large amount of 1997 graduates to homecoming as this is our 10 year mark. I promised my friend I would at least mention it.

Wanna feel old? Check out and look at the videos!!!