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Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I want to hear yours. I am a Christmas fanatic, although I have really been holding out on listening to Christmas music. But I want to hear your traditions to help us develop a few of our own. We really want to bring the real meaning of Christmas in our house and want our house to be full of memories for sweet girl!!

So bring em on!


April said...

We wrap all of our Christmas story books and the girls get to open one each night leading up to Christmas. Yes, we easily have 24 Christmas books.
The girls always get a new pair of matching Christmas pjs on December 1st.
This year we are doing a progressive nativity. Each week we are having a Family Advent night and we will add the figures that go with the candle we light that week.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

We have one of those calendars that Lilla gets to open a drawer of (filled with hershey kisses) the 24 days leading up to Christmas.

Michael always gets the girls a pair of pajamas that they get to open on Dec. 24th so they wake up in them on Christmas Day.

We open presents at our house Christmas morning before going out and about.

We have a birthday cake for Jesus and we do the whole song and everything with the kids.

Full of Grace said...

We decorate the house all up for the Holidays. Christmas Tableclothes, Table Decorations, Etc, Etc, Etc..

We set aside our normal story books and read our Christmas story books the whole of December up till Christmas (including the Christmas story of course)

We ALWAYS read twas the night before Christmas, the night before Christmas!

We make a lot of Christmas crafts in December too and I try really hard to get pics of Christmas Day so that the kiddos can look back on the day.

I don't know that these are necessarily Christmas Traditions as most of them are just things we do but I thought I'd share anyhow :) Have a good day!

Cece said...

Every year, for as long as I could remember, my grandma would make tamales from a recipe she was taught at about the age of 20'ish...she's now 69. Age has made her limbs a little less cooperative to the hours it takes to prepare this Christmas meal for us so I asked her to teach me. I wrote down the recipe and the steps and have started making the tamales for our family, with the same recipe my great-grandmother shared with my grandma. Now my girls help me, in additon to my grandma and mom, prepare our tamales each year. I'm proud to say that my great aunt complimented me on them, saying they're just like her mother made when she was a child. I've got the recipe in a book and plan to pass it down to my daughters when they're old enough.

Dionna said...

One thing we started very early on was blaring a Christmas song on Christmas morning. That was the kids' cue to come downstairs and open stockings. My youngest recently wrote a paper about this and said it was her favorite Christmas tradition!