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What would you like to know? I am fun, but crazy. I have a most perfect husband, and 2 cats named Samson and Delilah. We are presently working on adopting a little girl from China and have a separate blog for that. I am a Christian and am working on a better relationship with him. I live in the Atlanta area and love sharing stories with people. I am also a pediatric nurse and I love it! I love to talk and meet new people and I love Disney Cruising

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just got back from bible study, weigh in and lunch. All were good. Gained .6 over the past 2 weeks and I am okay with that since I had expected much more. Bible Study as awesome today as we studied Joel and got a preview of Amos. The book of Joel is short but has a lot of info. We talked today about the world we are living in and comparing it to Israel and Jerusalem. A lot of us shared our fears and then we talked about the Beth Moore conference last Spring. A lot of people are afraid.

A lot of us discussed the fact that a lot of things we complain about are not necessarily the
government's fault, although its blamed enough. We prayed for our new leader (no matter who he is) and that God will work in the hearts of him now. Do you think we live in a selfish country? One of the lady's said she always felt that we lived in country that was blessed. She now feels we have taken advantage of God's gifts and we are now suffering the consequences. That as a country we are turning our backs on the One who created us. I will be honest. I am scared. Each week that we read a new chapter of the Bible, it just seems more and more real.

I am amazed that the word of God that has been read for hundreds of years all over the world is still so full of hope and direction.
My hope does come from God, and He is also my peace. I hope I demonstrate that. I need to be a light in a world of darkness. People are searching for peace and hope. People are afraid. It's time to run back to God. His arms are open. Why are we running from Him and away from Him?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bullet Posts

-I went to Publix and my eyes watered again. I told y'all I was crazy. Its fall and everyone was friendly. Everyone told me to have a nice day and they were just, well, nice.. and they had scallops to sample.

-Weight loss is not going well. I have gained this week. I am still going to WI tomorrow and will let you know how bad it was, well maybe I will. It will get better.

-Christmas is coming!

-I have started a weight loss blog. I will share on that blog, what i am eating, when I am exercising and my thoughts on the whole thing. If you would love to visit, head over to the its still in the beginning stages. But I will also still share my losses over here too!

-Christmas is coming

-I am working Halloween night and I don't really care which is quite surprising

- a family of a patient that i took care of sent me the sweetest note yesterday and included a worship CD by Laura Story and told me they were praying for our adoption. Like that didn't make me cry and no I am not hormonal or any of that stuff.

-2 friends announced pregnancies this week and 2 friends had babies. Congrats Mindy, katherine, Christine and the Ramsey family!

-Will this be our last Christmas without kids?

-Autumn is a stinker and although I do not believe in reincarnation I can not help but wonder if Lucy the basset hound has left her mark. Apparently she left buried toys for the next dog todig up and find. How kind of her!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cherish the moment

I got a comment on facebook the other day that took me back over a decade ago. Good times. I started remembering my good times and I love thinking back on those days. Just like one day 10 years from now, I will look back at now. I think that's why I cherish photos, I ask for a lot of photos because I want to keep those memories alive. I have had some amazing experiences. Most of them are not like others, and thats okay. I have spent years comparing myself to others and I have wasted so much time. God has given me some really cool personal moments, some things I just can not share. God is so personal! I don't want to live in the past, I think thats dangerous. I don't want to miss THIS MOMENT. I love thinking about each moment and what I can make of it.

If you have read my blog for a bit, or know me in the real world, you know that I am odd. Odd in a special way. I just seem to see things different than a lot of people. I am very silly but I can be very serious and emotional at times.
Seriously, I almost cried at Home Depot tonight when I saw the Christmas lights. Why? My parents were with me and it took me back to years ago, when Christmas was just so simple and yet so wonderful. I will cherish those memories forever. If my dad ever doubts his parenting skills, I hope he reads this and knows what an awesome life I have now due to how he raised us.

Anyway,back to memories. Right now we are waiting for our first child from China. This wait is much longer than we anticipated. But this wait as been awesome and has included some of the most special moments of my life. My heart has grown and I can understand the phrase "Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord". I know I am in the middle of memories. I know its okay to cry every once in a while but dang its been a happy tear year!
I love How to Lose a guy in 10 days. I love the way Ben looks at her. I love her yellow dress at the end. I just smile..Love this movie!!!

Its just too cute!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

weight loss just weight

So now on to other topics if you were not too offended by the post below.

Yesterday was Bible Study (Hosea) and then Weight Watchers with Donna. What a yucky day. I did not gain or lose because I used a no weigh in pass. But I did go to the meeting, which is a good thing.

Yesterday was one of those days where I just felt fat. Now, I know I am fat but yesterday I just felt yet. Yuck! But I guess you need those days to get back on track so that's what I will do.

I read several weight loss blogs and have learned some great tips. I am reading one blog who has a goal of finding accidental exercise each day. I love that. She finds a way to walk just a little bit extra every day

One of my issues is making veggies.Fruit is groovy, you don't have to cook it but I have problems with cooking veggies..I love eating them, I just have no idea how to cook them.

But I did go to the gym today....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A post you may not expect from me or maybe you would


So this afternoon, I had lunch with my friends Kim and Sheridan. We ate and walked around The Avenues, stopping in a toy store. This store is one of those cool, discovery stores that has some old school toys and some neat stuff.

I wandered over to the kids books and saw a lot of neat ones and just flipped through a few. Then I spotted one that was very colorful so I pulled it out as Kim watched, we read the cover of the book. It was called "Where is my Poop?" I giggled like a silly 5 year old and I am sure Sheridan wondered what the heck was wrong with Miss Amy. But then Kim and I began belly laughing as I opened the book. Each page as a different mama animal asking the baby animal if it had pooped today. There was " Not yet Mama", "Yes Mama" and "I felt much better afterwards Mama".

As if this was not enough, you had to find the poop on each page. It had little sticky things you had to lift up to find it and of course the last page, we discover poop in the toilet.

If this book finds you interested, please click here. More than likely, LynnMarie will not own this book unless some unnamed person decides to bring back memories one day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

it's Fall Yall

Ok, time for reader participation. Just got home from work. I am going to bed. Share your favorite things about this season. Traditions you have started in your family, things you look forward to.

I know that I love the leaves, the colors, the smells. love pumpkins and scarecrows and the anticipation of Christmas..

Your turn!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

concert and thoughts

So, the MWS/SCC concert rocked. Go see hubby's pics here.

So after a quick dinner at Moe's, we headed over. Is it bad to expect to be blessed? Cause that is what happened.

This was more than just a concert, it was an amazing worship event. We had great seats and during some of the most awesome songs, my heart and eyes teared up as I turned and watched hundreds of people standing with their hands raised and eyes closed. I know God was smiling.

Then I started thinking of the 2 men who were performing. Now, during my walk with Christ, I have heard some amazing words. But music has always touched me in a more emotional way. MWS was one of the first artists I listened to along with Amy, Wes King, David Meece, Bryan Duncan, DC Talk and other old school artists. I did not listen to SCC until college. In fact I would listed to the Christmas cd driving home from college in Tn to Fl.

Anyway, sometimes I listen to the music and not the words. I need to slow down or I am going to miss something.

These 2 men said YES when God asked them to serve. I can not imagine how many lives have been touched by the music of these 2 men. They both shared their hearts. Steven talked about the loss of Maria Sue and how the family was doing and Michael shared his love for our great country.

It was awesome. its amazing how sometimes things you have heard your whole life just come back to life at the oddest times. Last night reminded me that we have a God, not A GOD, but God, who knows our every thought. Knew our first day and knows our last. Has plans for us that are far better than anything we can come up with. Every Christian concert helps open my heart to new things. This is now expected. I love the worship experience. I love it when my heart and mind are focused on the One who created me.

last night, it was nice to hear some of the music that has encouraged me. It was hard to hear SCC talk about Maria. I have not done a post on the event that changed that family's lives because I didn't feel right about it. I do not know them and I will more than likely never know them. But my heart has been unusually really heavy for them. I don't know why. After the incident,I had a hard time sleeping. My mind was with this family. I wondered what they were thinking, what they were feeling.. At first I wanted it to go way, it was just too odd. But I just prayed everytime the family was heavy on my mind Like many people, the Chapman's have influenced many. When I look at the seeds God planted for our adoption, they are an early part of the story.

SCC talked about how the songs he has written over the years to ministed to others were now encouraging others.

What I am working on coming to grips with is that God is God and we are not. Could it be any more simpler ( the words may be simple but that statment is just crazy cool)? God is not A God, but GOD! He is awesome , beyond anything I can comprehend. There will be bad times, there will be hard times. God has a plan, a journey for us. Sometimes those hurdles on the journey hurt and are hard but if we can keep on walking with Him, we wll experience true awesomeness!

God loves me. God likes me. He has awesome plans for me. Do I always fully trust Him? Do I glorify Him with my words, thoughts and actions? No, but i want to. He deserves so much more than I can give Him. I am so thanksful for eternal life.

Sometimes, as a God follower, I think I think inside the box and that comes across to those who I meet. I do not want to a box thinker. I need to work on that.

Sorry for the rambling. I feel better now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i was tagged- again

My very first online friend tagged me and since we met, she has been a rocking friend. Mandy, (oh Mandy) here ya go

Here are the rules…..
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you are tagged, just do it, and pass the tag along!!

So, here’s my random things:

1) I want to write a childrens book one day. Did you know that? It will be a series called "The adventures of Lucy and Pickle" based on the observed play of our Lucy the basset hound and cat Pixel (Pickle) 2 I eat lemons with salt on it 3) I despise being late. If am going to be late, I just dont want to go. I think people are staring at me 4) In case you did not figure it out, I love Disney Cruises and all things Disney. I am not obsessed but Disney makes me happy 5) I have given up soda for a year before. Failed at this year. May try it again next year. 6) I saw Buffy the vampire slayer the movie over 8 times at the theater. I was having a Luke Perry problem at the time. *** I can quote almost the entire 8 seconds movie. Its what brought Mandy and I together. heehee
Now, I need to tag 6 people
Don and Be ( I think a couples tag is fun)
Jeff and Val- just to see if they come visit my blog


So yesterday started out not so good. I rarely have bad days (the ones where everything goes wrong) but yesterday was trying my patience.

I clocked out from work and then got a phone regarding a situation that I can not discuss but will just add some more time to another shift one day. That stressed me out until I realized it really was not that big of a deal. So I head home and realize my BIL told me tire was low and I stopped off to get some air in the tire. The air thing at the gas station just started and I had the hardest time connecting it to the tire (ugh). I get home and I smell gas but Im in a hurry and I just ignore it. Autumn is waiting for and she is just too sweet. I leave her out of the kennel while I get dressed and she does well. I have to be at Bible Study in 30 minutes.

I put her in the kennel (I have to literally push her rear end in) and walk outside. The gas company is outside and says they want to turn off our gas because we have not paid. Dude, I am in a hurry, can you come back? I did not say that but I did think it. So after calling Michael, we figure out the problem and I tell him about the smell. He says why didn't you call the gas leak line? Huh? I'm still in a hurry but he wants to come check on things anyway. So the dog is whining in the kennel, dude is looking around and the house is dirty. He finds the problem. The stove. It has a leak and its really old( probably was installed when the house was built). So now we have to get a new stove. Ugh!

I have to decide if I want to go to Bible Study and WW since I am already late and I despise being late. I went. I'm glad I did. I had fun. We reviewed Daniel and got ready for Hosea. i then met my friend at WW and tried to get out of being weight since I have not been on program all week. Thing all you can eat shrimp at Red Lobsters x2, cracker barrel, ben and jerrys, pumpkin latte at Starbucks (no, not at one time). I just figured what the heck. Check this out. I still lost 1.2 pounds. I am motivated again. I also ran into an old friend we knew at an old trivia location and I look forward to seeing her on Wednesdays.

My day started turning around. After WW and lunch ( chicken fajitas, corn tortillas, no cheese, sour cream or guac) I headed home to play with Autumn. We played and took a long nap on the couch until Michael came home.

We played trivia and I had my last yucky ( but oh so yummy) meal of the week. Now I am back on track and have already been to they gym and am having my water. Check this out. I left Autumn out of her kennel while I was at the gym and she did fabulous.

There are some wonderful pics over on the adoption blog and Michael still needs 18 people to donate 5$ to his JDRF fund by Saturday. Head over to his blog for the link and to help!

Now, we are watching Enchanted and blogging. Rock on!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Book review-love starts with Elle

Rachel Hauk is one of my favorite new authors. She is right behind Karen Kingsbury, love her. This is my 2nd book in a series and I am hooked. The first book was Sweet Caroline and these are must reads if you like good Christian Fiction. I want to get to know her characters. I want to live in the towns they do..Good Stuff..Read below, check out the other blogs on the tour and don't forget to sign the authors blog for a great contest, all you have to do is leave a comment and you get a chance for a free book!

About Rachel: Rachel Hauck is the author of ten, going on eleven novels, and has recently become an "acclaimed" author. (Yeah, funny how that happened. Some dude found her lottery stub stuck to the bottom of his shoe and tried to "acclaim" her. But her husband refused to pay out.)

Since then, she's gone on to become a best selling author of Sweet Caroline.

Living in central Florida with her husband of sixteen and a half years, one sweet little dog and one ornery cat, Rachel is a graduate of Ohio State University and a huge Buckeye football fan. One day she hopes to stand on the sidelines next to Coach Tressel as a famed, acclaimed best selling OSU alumni, beloved for her work in literature and letters. (She's written at least a couple hundred letters in her life time.)

Her current release, Love Starts With Elle (July 2008, Thomas Nelson) is set in the South Carolina lowcountry, and earned 4.5 Stars and Top Pick from Romantic Times Book Club.

Look for her next release next spring, The Sweet By and By, the first book in the Born To Fly series with award winning country artist, Sara Evans.

Of the writing journey, Rachel says, "I'm humbled by the amazing things God is doing in my life. I love what I do, and am so privileged to work with Thomas Nelson fiction and am excited to see what God has in store for all of His authors and writers. Just keep praying and writing!"

Visit her blog and website at

About the book:

Elle's living the dream-but is it her dream or his?

Elle loves life in Beaufort, South Carolina-lazy summer days on the sand bar, coastal bonfires, and dinners with friends sharing a lifetime of memories. And she's found her niche as the owner of a successful art gallery too. Life is good.

Then the dynamic pastor of her small town church sweeps her off her feet. She's never known a man like Jeremiah-one who breathes in confidence and exhales all doubt. When he proposes in the setting sunlight, Elle hands him her heart on a silver platter.

But Jeremiah's just accepted a large pastorate in a different state. If she's serious about their relationship, Elle will take "the call," too, leaving behind the people and place she loves so dearly. Elle's friendship with her new tenant, widower Heath McCord, and his young daughter make things even more complicated.

Is love transferrable across the miles? And can you take it with you when you go?

Buy the book Link:

Blog Tour Post and Schedule link: (Please include this link on your post, so that your readers can follow the tour!)

Autumn-the truth

Autumn is our new foster Basset Hound. Its hard for me to realize she is a foster but we can choose to adopt at any time. TO foster, this means we take her to basset adoption events and love on her. I am hoping she is a perfect fit for our family and that we will finalize the adoption. Did you see the pics on Michael's blog? She is precious. MP told us something at church when we told him we were going to look at dogs. He told us a new dog would take Lucy's space but never her place. Autumn is about twice the size of Lucy. She loves to be outside and loves to play with the cat. Last night, we got Lucy's crate out and after whining for about 20 minutes, she fell asleep and slept all night and didn't use the potty, all good signs her story is that she was a stray and was taken to a shelter. I can tell she was loved . She is healthy and loves to drink water. Today I want to get her a new bone (she found some of Lucy's in the back yard) and maybe a little bed. Shes having a hard time climbing on the couch and the recliner..She has indeed figured out the doggie door. She's really funny!


So, if you have not met our new friend yet, check her pics out here. Guys, she is just too perfect. Perhaps she is just trying us out and has not showed us her true colors, but I am liking this new friend.
We did have a wonderful Tn trip and you can those wonderful pics here!
more blogging to come later

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I think people lied to me. They said my sadness of Lucy the basset hound would get easier. It hasn't. I miss every part of her and miss the final week of her. I am glad I told her I loved her before I went to work. Hubby did a wonderful tribute to our Lucy last week, click here to see it.

If she had human thoughts, I sure hope she knew how much I loved her and had I known how sick she was, I would have stayed home from work that night.

We are back

We are back from our get away to Chattanooga. I will let you know when Michael has the pics ready. This was one of our best fall trips!

We started late morning Friday and headed straight to the Tn Aquarium which rocked (and has changed since we were last there 4 years ago). I liked this much better than the Ga one but it did make me want to make more frequent trips to our local ones (more on that later). Then we headed to our hotel, checked in and walked over to Red Lobster which has their all you can eat shrimp thingy going on now.

Came back to the hotel, chilled. Oh yeah our hotel (Marriott Courtyard) had a jacuzzi in the room and they gave us an anniversary gift!!! Got some good sleep, slept in and left about 11. We decided to do Rock City which was having their Oktoberfest and it was beautiful. Much better than 4 years ago and they had tons of fall decorations, which meant lots of pictures..Rock on!! So, after a couple of hours, I got my Starbucks Pumpkin latte thing and we headed home, stopping first at Cracker barrel which by the way has tons of kids clothes 70% off and no we did not buy anything. Really, all I got was my to go tea!

We are back. I am thinking about cleaning and putting some fall decorations out and Michael headed out to his Charity Poker Tournament at the restaurant!

A good time was had by all!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

JDRF-juvenile diabetes research

Michael's half way to his goal. I can not count or add because now he needs 30 people to give just 5 dollars to this great cause. If you know anyone who has suffered with this disease, would you consider giving? He has about 9 days to make his go and we would both appreciate it.
Click here to make your donation and see his progress

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

technical difficulties

Its now Tuesday and I just got back from lunch with precious friends who always find a way of making my heart smile and restoring my hope and giving me the extra encouragement I always need.

So Sunday, we made it to church for the early service as I was excited to hear the news series, Coloring Your World. We sat in the theater and there were some technical difficulties. They had a plan B but plan C went into effect as one of the church leaders got up and spoke instead of trying to get the video feed to work. God is so good. We needed those technical difficulties. For the first time, in a very long time, I was silent and poured my heart to God in the most honest way (I am not bragging just saying that talking to my Father felt really good). Craig talked about what are you giving up? What are you hesitant to give up?

So, I asked. I listened. I specifically asked if I needed to give up online time and blogging. I was afraid not to ask because what if this is what HE wants to me give up? I don't think it is. I am still waiting and listening to what God wants because that is what I want.

I have never had visions from God and wasn't really hearing Him but I got this picture in mind and one day I may tell you what it was. It was something I have never really pictured or have any idea where it may have come from, but I am looking forward to what it may bring.

Anyway, I need to change my blog. I need to simplify it and get rid of some stuff. Does anyone recommend a blog designer with very reasonable prices? If I can't find anyone, I will go back to the simple blogger format. No big deal!!!

What I am learning is that God will use whatever means necessary to talk to us. We just have to listen. I am so thankful for Sunday!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Our anniversary

Today is our 7th anniversary and we are rockin! Sure we have some good and bad days and we have hit many valleys but on top of those mountains is just beauty! I am excited to see what God has in store for us!

I love you MJC! You rock my world and I am so excited to see what God has in store for you. Its going to be awesome!

There are a few wedding pics over at MIchaels blog

So, will this be our last anniversary without kids? Makes you wonder, huh?

I need to get to sleep as I just got home but I cant imagine my life without my Michael. Wow, crazy 7 years. But I can now look back and see God's hand on so many things even when I wondered where He was!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I promise to write something with substance soon but until then, has anything been really on your heart or mind these days? SOmething you just can't shake off?

Reminder, Michael is almost half way to his Juvenile Diabetes Walk. Still need about 30 people to give 5 dollars to help!!! IF you would like to participate and it would rock if you did, click here to see his progress!

Friday, October 03, 2008

weekend is here

Its Friday night and its quiet. I am waiting for Michael to get home. Just got back from an adoption support group and now catching up online stuff. Loving the twitter thing, its kind of addictive.

Did well eating until the potluck dinner, but that's life right? I had a slice of ham, broccoli casserole, a role and a very small slice of pumpkin cheesecake. So, way over points but it was fun. I will start over tomorrow but have a neighborhood BBQ. I have already decided to eat before and to make sure I don't get any BBQ sauce.

Skipped the gym but will go tomorrow.

So, has anyone watched a good movie lately? It can be new or old, just wondering?


Just got home. Walked out of my car and wanted to stand there. I wanted to just feel the air around me. I do not do that enough. I may do that later, I dont know. I drove by my favorite tree this morning. You see, I do have a favorite tree. Each fall, it slowly turns into the most beautiful colors. Perhaps hubby can catch a picture for me sometime.

I love this feeling. I can not wait to go to bed in about 30 minutes. SLeep is good.

But the fall. I do not want to miss this season. I want to slow down and do nothing but enjoy it. Its kind of like seasons of life. Sometimes I want things to quickly pass but if I do that, I will miss something so special. I love my reminders to slow down. I feel like I have probably missed some special times because I am always in a hurry. Life is too precious to be like that.

Anyway, I wonder what God is thinking when we stop and just admire this creation of His. I wonder if we really appreciate the beauty of this earth. I am so happy to just be alive.

7 years ago, we were finishing up wedding plans,and I was buying baskets to make for our hotel guests. I was dreaming of married life and what life in Atlanta would bring. Dreams are good! What a great week we had. A week about us. It was awesome!!!!

Sorry for the randomness of this post!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wednesday was busy

Wed. started early as I left for women's Bible Study, followed by weigh in, lunch with friend, getting hair done, trip to thrift store and then trivia with husband. I managed to do a load of laundry and loaded the dishwasher as well!!! Missed Lucy at the same time as she liked to help!

Let's back up shall we? Went to Biblionse Study and reviewed Lamentations and then watched our preview video of Ezekiel. As we reviewed Lamentations, I can not help but wonder if our country will ever turn towards God or continue to ignore Him! I am worried about our country and the world of sin we live in (a whole other post). One of our new ladies (whose husband needs prayer) is worried and asked us how many of us are standing up to things we know are wrong or are we a part of it and she had me thinking? Then we had an exercise and we each wrote our "lament" on a post card and I had an interesting time doing this. Love my girls!

Then I headed to weight watchers where I hoped to have lost .2 pounds but actually lost 2.2 pounds bringing my lost to 27 pounds. Its really a small amount compared to what I have to lose but it does sound like a lot, doesn't it? I came back with goodies like a 25 pound charm and magnet and another 16 weigh in charm!!! Yeah and then I had lunch with my friend Donna and it made celebrating even sweeter. I am really enjoying my lunches with here! Shout out to Donna!

SO then I went directly to get some more color on my hair and a trim. I'm still afraid to try anything to new plus we are having pics made for the church directory next week and I didn't want to mess that up. Then I came home and started laundry and spent time with Michael before heading out. I went to the gym last night and then the thrift store. I am so close to the next size and I am not going to spend a lot of money on clothes I hope I will not be in long. After getting 3 sweaters and 2 pairs of jeans for 14 dollars we came home and headed to trivia which is a non WW meal and so good last night plus we get to spend time with our friend Charlie.

Now its Thursday. I have been to the gym and had a 4 point breakfast with a banana and an egg sandwich with 1/2 cup of egg beaters, 2 slices of Natures own bread, and a slice of Fat free cheese!

For those who are reading from the weight loss challenge or anyone interested, I found a cool weight loss blog over here

2 last things. Still looking for new blog titles but am leaning strongly towards one. Also, if anyone knows someone who does blogs for a very reasonable price let me know!!!

Michael has raised over 100 dollars towards his Juvenile Diabetes walk. We need 35 more people to donate 5 dollars before October 17th. This can be done. If you would like to contribute, please head over here!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

fall is here

Fall is here. Life is good. Its odd to know that 7 years ago, we were finalizing seating arrangements and picking out our wedding music. October is very much my favorite month and the next week some of my posts will be pictures from our wedding and some wonderful memories!

I'm out for Bible Study, weigh in, lunch, getting hair done and going to the thrift store to find some clothes possibly one size smaller (i am not spending big bucks on new clothes that I only hope will be able to fit for a few months?

When I think if fall, I think,
my wedding
my honeymoon (Colonial Williamsburg)
cool clean air
getting ready for Christmas
good times

What do you think of when you think of fall?