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Thursday, April 30, 2009

3 part post


TV Show Updates
- We have not watched last nights LOST YET!

-AI- not surprised Matt got the boot. I do think he sounded a lot like Justin Timberlake and he had some solid performances but he just didn't shine like the others. I may be the only non Adam fan out here. He is a great performer, too good for AI. The judges push for him every week and I think they pushed Lil out of the competition. He will probably win, I hope not. AI was meant for undiscovered talent. As nice as this guy is, I cant imagine no one "finding" him yet.
I am not a fan of Alison's, although she can sing for a 17yo. I would be happy for Chris or Danny to win but I totally forgot about Chris the first half of this show.

Biggest loser- I am a Mike fan. I still cant believe Ron is still on.. Helen and Laura and done so well so regardless, I would be happy. Will be surprised if Helen wins though!

Part 2
Weight loss- Lost 1.8 pounds this week, need to lose 13.2 more before the middle of June or else WW is getting cut from the budget. I have not been to the gym, but LM and I have been walking at the park and doing laps which has been fun. If you are in the Atlanta area and want to meet sometime, let me know

Part 3
Frugal living
I am trying. The easiest thing is unplugging things, trying not to do laundry until evening, and not buying anything. I haven't started the coupon thing because it overwhelms me. I was at Walgreen's yesterday and there was a lady and her buggy with a HUGE 3 ring binder. I asked her if she works there if she was one of those special coupon people. She laughed and said yes she was special. She showed me her layout and said if you can organize your life and give yourself 45 minutes a day, you can save hundreds of month. Its a form of self discipline. Tried printing some coupons and will try to do some more things. We have such a long way to go. The Saturday before Mothers Day we will be having a HUGE garage sale. Getting rid of things to simplify our life and make some money. Everything will be super cheap, there will be some new items and there may be a few families joining us. Let us know if you want to stop by or participate.

Holy Cow, this is the longest post in a while!

Keep praying for the Compassion Bloggers. They are seeing things you don't see here in the US and there hearts are opening more..I'm so excited for them and what God is going to do through them!

New pics of LM at


Suprina said...

YAY! Good for you!
I love my coupon binder, it grows everyday.
She is right 45 min. that is it a day. My coupon binder is more organized than my house. LOL :)

And if the coupon binder overwhelms you in the beginning, I only used it a day. However, I bought one of those cheapy $1.00 (at wal-mart)photo albums. I recovered the cardboard inserts in a fabric I liked and put my coupons in that. I QUICKLY outgrew it.

I just started shopping in Walgreens and already I am hooked!

I only have $5.00 to go and I will have saved $300 since March 16th.

You can also get 'samples'/'freebies' online. And a good portion of those come with coupons as well.

here is another website for you that I just love...

Good Luck Amy!

Anonymous said...

hey amy if u go to all the websites for like baby brands like, luvs, huggies,pampers stuff like that you can sign up for free baby coupons, they send samples too. onetime i got a can of enfamil in the mail and gave it to my stepsister. definately shop at walgreens, i save lots of money there michelle

erin said...

I agree about the baby products; I know friends who get free samples and coupons from different brands like Huggies and Pampers, so you should look into that.

I could do a better job of organizing my coupons, but my system right now is to separate them into food and non-food items. It works for me and doesn't take much time at all. Then when I plan my meals, I make a list of things to buy and then mark which things I have coupons for.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I used diaper coupons all them time when my kids were younger...amazing how much you can save!

Anonymous said...

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