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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So no we are home and one of my goals is to quit eating out so much. Really try. We do play trivia one night a week but we don't have to eat there. But that's besides the point.

A lot of people sent me emails on healthy food and baby foods. So I ask of you, what do you always have on hand in your fridge,freezer and pantry? What are your simply, easy, healthy meals that you routinely make?

Any input is greatly appreciated

Thanks for praying for us!!


Christie said...

Ok, I'm the worst when it comes to eating healthy - so I'll just skip right on over to the "congrats on such a lovely little gal!!"

We're big fans of carbs over here. I'm just no help at all...sigh...

Amy said...

As you know I struggle too. I feel your pain, Amy! I mean, mom!! :o)

Anyway, I always keep microwaveable popcorn without butter and not so much salt. It takes awhile to eat and satisfies me when I want to crunch. And although they are more expensive those 100 count packages of cookies and such are really good if you have a sweet tooth!

And as ridiculous as this may sound if I've eaten and know I've had enough, but yet I want to eat some more...I heat up a can of spinach or green beans and drink a big glass of ice water. I'm full in no time!

So on to the good LynnMarie settled in her new digs? And how are you guys doing? Besides smiling from ear to ear! Isn't motherhood the bestest feeling ever? You don't know until you're there, do you? Love it! I am so thrilled for you two!!

Michelle Howard said...

I try to always have at least three kinds of fruit on hand as well as some raw nuts from the baking section of the store. Make sure you get plenty of fiber from fruits and veggies, as well as healthy fats like real butter and coconut oil which allows our bodies to assimilate the nutrients we consume as well as giving us that satiated/satisfied feeling. If you check out she has a ton of helpful information.
P.S. Making smoothies with organic plain yogurt, frozen fruit, and honey is also very good for you and oh-so-TUMMY!

foremanmk said...

Ok.. with three kids and on the go most of the time, here is what works for us:
I make my own 90 calorie bags.
I buy low fat or baked chips or cheezits,or pretzels and the small ziplok snack size and have a basket full of healthy snacks.
Also: jello pudding, fruit cups, granola and yogurt, apples and bananas and slicd strawberries for on the go when we have baseball.

If it is easy to reach for the kids and me, we are more apt to take that instead of grabbing a burger on the go.

Always have water bottles full in fridge, ready to go, instead of soda or juice

Hope this helps sistah!

Kim said...

Hi Amy-
Just have to say AGAIN how adorable your little girl is! I wish we knew you in *real* life so we could come and meet you.

As far as recipes go, some of our favorites are on my recipe blog--several crockpot recipes-

You can click on the lables on the side bar to go to particular categories.

Happy eating!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We are pretty bad about eating healthy but I try to keep lettuce on hand all the time and yogurt and apples for snacks. I also try to keep lots of cans of veggies and frozen veggies in the freezer. My family loves veggies!

Susan said...

We work REALLY hard to eat healthy...but I hate to cook, so it's hard. I love to make things in the crock pot. One thing I love is fiesta chicken. It is 1 lb. of chicken breast, frozen. I pour on one medium jar of salsa. 1/4 c. of mustard and 1/4 c. of brown sugar. I cook it all day on low. About 1 hour before we are ready to eat, I add black olives, rice (1 bag of family boil in bag), and sometimes spinach. MY boys love it and I love it. I even took the leftovers and made stuffed burritos with it one night.

:-) susan