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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Its really nice to be back at work. Love the night shift. Miss my family, but I know MIchael needs time with baby girl and doing well. To think that he hadn't had much baby time before, he is doing great with her!

Its now Tuesday, I have the day off. So after some sleep, I am hoping to take LM to the pool or the park. We will see how it goes. I don't want her in the sun too long.

I have 4th of July off again this year..Nothing special planned, but hoping to find something fun to do soon!

I have 2 book reviews coming up, one is called Religion Saves and it talks about different controversial topics in the church. I'm looking forward to that one. The other book is a mommy book written by an author I have read before. Be on the lookout, I will be giving away my copies.

So how are you, any good movies? Read any good books? listened to any good music that I have to check out.

Catching up on my blog reading. If I haven't commented lately, its either because you link on bloglines isn't showing me you have updated or I don't have you on bloglines. If you read this blog, leave a comment so I can you to my must haves. I'm finding such encouragement on so many new blogs lately..!!!


Kim said...

Just finished 'Shanghai Girls' by Lisa See. Excellent book!

Carol said...

Amy, I'm back after a long vacation from bloggy world!!

Mama Duck said...

Hmmm...good books and movies? Nothing that doesn't pertain to preschoolers. I hope to change that soon! Have a very happy 4th of July! I haven't commented much lately, but I love the pictures of LynnMarie that you've posted. She is just darling!!

Christie said...

Ohh, while I'm thinking of it and since you asked - I recently rented The Duchess with Keira Knightley and I really liked it a lot. But I love period pieces...(and romance! ha!)


amy said...

Think I will go get Shanghai Girls!!