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Saturday, June 27, 2009

totally random

I need some mental motivation. I have decided that all of my weaknesses could be strengths if I just turned on a little switch in my head, anyone else like that?

Seriously many people who know me know my obvious weaknesses, fear, paranoia, eating habits and organizational skills. I just cant get my house clean. Its like I get one room totally clean and by the time I start the second one, the first one is dirty again. I tried Fly Lady a few years ago, just couldn't do it.. Ugh, its very frustrating. Because I really do desire a clean and organized house and my daughter deserves the best..Not sure how to turn that mental switch on.

Losing weight- have struggled for a long time. Weight Watchers does work. So does regular portion control and exercising. I have done it, why am I not doing it? There are no excuses except laziness.. Once I start losing, I get on a roll but I am a sucker for temptations- showers, ,parties, friends inviting me out for lunch. Ugh, hope to get this under control one day as well.

paranoia- enough said

Fear-We live in a scary world. The economy, nuclear war threats, the prediction of the end of the world. Here is my problem. I have not spent enough time in the Word and so therefore, I just trust everything I read in the news. I'm putting faith in man and not my God.. Have to keep reminding myself that God knows everything. There was never a "before God". He Has and will always be. I haven't been digging into His word like I should and I know that would calm some of my fears.So that's my solution to those fears.

Other topics

Jon and Kate- I'm one of the many who watched the show. Not surprised by the divorce, but I am sad. The world was just too interested in them. Mind you, they asked for the publicity (raising 8 kids cost a lot of money). But if we had chosen not to watch, could this have been helped. Its hard not to judge, but divorce is sad, praying for them.

Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett and MJ- wow, what a week. Tired of hearing about all the celebrities..

and our daughter is just wonderful. New pics are up at www.thechristopherfamilyblogspot.

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Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Hi Amy!

Oh my goodness...If I didn't know that it was you I would have thought that this post was written by me. EVERY single word is EXACTLY how I have been feeling. I wept thru the Jon and Kate show. It breaks my heart for them and I really think they should be able to file stalking charges against those that lurk in the woods with cameras. Being a celebrity should not give anyone the right to spy and sell their photos without permission. My kids school can't even post photos of my kids without my permission. I also need to spend more time in His Word. I'm sure that is a large part of the sadness and fear that lurks inside of me right now. The world is a very scary place right now. I need to focus less on the world and more on Him!

Have a great day!


Jenny said...

May I encourage you, friend? Never forget that you cannot do one thing without God's help, and go to Him every day to ask for help. If LM let you know she needed your help, you would bend over backwards to make sure she is taken care of. How much more does our Father love us? Love you!

4 Lettre Words said...

I'm right there with you on the fear-thing! A scary world, indeed. Especially for the kids! :o(