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Sunday, September 13, 2009

After watching the VMA's last night I started wondering again whats going on in this world? Why is it okay to pretend to pray to Satan or joke about someones bisexuality? This is entertaining. I must say that i have an odd sense of humor and I can accept a lot (too much) but last night was way too far!

Its a scary world that we live in? I can't imagine Jesus walking down our streets..I know he would love all, but I can also see tears in his eyes..We just aren't getting it.

I'm ashamed. Is this the new normal? I know our world has been morally declining for years but I am so scared for LynnMarie. I don't want this to be her normal but I also don't want to shelter her!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I have the same worries too!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I didn't watch them. I used to watch them every year when I was younger and I don't remember them being so much on the fringe. Maybe I was young and on the fringe and all that seemed normal to me.

The world today scares me. What is sinful and wrong is revered by so many. We have an anything goes attitude and ANYTHING doesn't go. You and I both know that. Jesus would love us all and does. But I do think he has tears in his eyes. I know he's praying for us. I'm praying for us too. I just hope we all start to realize that we have taken a wrong path. And I hope we realize it before it's too late. It's not cool to burn in hell. Bet they don't show that on MTV.

Karen (formerly Pediascribe) said...

Haven't been around in ages. Saw the baby and she's getting BIG!!! Wow! for sheltering her. Do it. There is no reason to expose her to everything that comes up. At least not for a long time! My babies are home with me for school and some would say they are sheltered. What's the alternative? Sending them to school where they are not yet ready to make the decision to say no to drugs or alcohol or yes to sexual activities? Have liberal teachers spewing crud in their ear? Giving them 8-10 hours a day to be influenced by their peers instead of by me and their dad?

Went to a youth group parents meeting last night and they stressed how important it was to be very careful about who your kid hangs out with, what they view on tv, how much access they have to the computer alone, etc. It's somewhere in proverbs----about hanging out with the right people.

No, we don't shun non-Christians or anything like that. I'm just not going to throw my kids in with the wolves until they are super strong in their faith and convictions. :)

FWIW. :)