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Friday, September 04, 2009

Looking for ideas

As we contemplate sending LynnMarie to Mothers Morning out, Im looking for ideas to start teaching her some basic things..Found a great website thanks to Rebecca called No Time for Flashcards but also want to know what you do/did for your 18-24 month olds that does not include tv...Hoping for great ideas!


Susan said...


As a reading teacher, I have to say that read, read, read is my #1 advice. BUT, in addition to that, a lot of "pour and dump" play. Lace-up beads...large ones and a pan make a great activity as they fill it and pour it and refill again. My MIL found a great website to play with toddlers it's "" Not sure if you know it or not, but there it is for what it's worth.

Hope you're all well.

Susan said...

One more idea...I have a friend who always keeps packs of stickers in her purse for restaurants. She lets her little one stick those things to the paper placemats. They have fun peeling and putting them on...and it keeps them entertained.

If you haven't looked at Discovery Toys...they have awesome developmentally appropriate toys and games for kids.

Nancy said...

Puzzles are also good. If you are down on the floor playing and talking with her, you are doing a good job. Introduce her to crayons, watercolors, washable markers and let her fingerpaint with pudding. Strip her down to her diaper, take her to a table outside and it will be easy clean-up.
In the area of gross motor, start putting a ball in front of her to try to kick and let her try to climb up and down small climbing structures.
When you bathe her, name the body parts you are washing to help her learn those as well.
So many people try to parent from a chair. That doesn't work!

Baba's Special Babies said...

Hi Amy, my daughter takes my 18 month old granddaughter to a music class once a week , plus she has started a preschool two days a week and loves it.Olivia misses her two older sisters who go to school, so she gets to play and learn things at preschool..have a good week-end.
hugs, Baba

Natalia said...

Hey Amy!

Jared and I did kindermusik classes. I want to preface this next part by saying that Jared was very good about NOT putting stuff in his mouth so you may have to modify some ideas!

Painting - I let him finger paint a lot with tempura paint - if lyn marie puts stuff in her mouth you could make up pudding and let her use it as finger paints. Tempura paint is non-toxic...but still. Letting them get their hands in stuff and feel different textures is great for them. If you don't want her to get dirty you could take a paper plate - put the paints on then cover it with plastic wrap (tape it to the bottom of the plate) and let her "finger paint" that way.

Take different size empty cardboard boxes and tape them shut, we covered ours with brown craft paper, then you can let her color them or put stickers on them, or leave them plain. Then stack them up, Jared had a great time knocking these over and re-stacking them. He loved that he could make towers as tall as him and then knock them over.

I agree with Susan- I started reading to J the day I brought him home from the hospital. He loves books! We read about an hour a day, 30 mins before nap and bedtime! I think that really stimulates their imagination!

Fill a bowl with water and lay down some towels let her splash and play! Maybe a better outside activity.

I know I have more but it's been a while! :)

La Dolce Vita said...

LOTS of reading, painting , coloring, puzzles,visits to pet stores, blocks, playdough, splashing in buckets of water, sand, sensory tubs (tubs filled with pasta, beans, etc and measuring cups and bowls. Library story time, dancing, helping you cook, nature walks, etc. We rarely turn on the tube! She also just needs time to play and not be entertained, so just let her play and build her imagination.

We love No Time for Flashcards!

Anonymous said...

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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Read, read, read is my advice! I also got right down on the floor and played with my kids. Fun age appropriate craft things are great for teaching creativity too.

Christie said...

Oh for a second there, I was thinking "oops...what else is there besides tv?" JUST KIDDING!

Actually, the thing that has helped Quint so much is arts and crafts. Playdoh, coloring, finger paints...he's very tactile! He loves coloring with markers. And don't get me wrong - it's a mess - but if you get the washable kind, some old play-clothes that are already stained, and maybe even a little children's smock - it's all good!

Have fun!!


Anonymous said...

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