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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great Wolf Concord Trip review

Pics are below..Just click to see them bigger!!!
Well last month I was asked if I wanted to visit the Great Wolf Lodge in NC for 2 nights for FREE! I quickly said yes and promised to quickly tell you how our trip was! Was it worth it? YES! Will we go again? YES!!!!

We left Atlanta and headed for Concord about lunch time on Monday afternoon getting to the GW about 4pm. Since school just started, it was not crowded at all, had no problem checking in!! Immediately we knew we were going to have a good time. Definitely wolf/mountain cabin themed and its beautiful. Customer service is obviously important to them, had friendly service from the first person that said hello! If you have never heard of GW lodges you need to know thats its a family resort that has a HUGE indoor water park along with lots of other fun stuff!

After we checked in, we got our luggage and headed to our room on the 4th floor. We got a basic family suite which was 2 queen beds, a pull out couch which could easily fit 6 adults. As a basic room, it was HUGE! LynnMarie had tons of room to practice walking and crawling and play. It also had a fridge and microwave so you could bring food to help save costs, which we did! Actually GW recommended doing that! Awesome! They provided a pack and play that had wolf blankets too!

After enjoying our chocolate covered strawberries that were awaiting us and opening a special gift for LynnMarie, we changed and headed down to the waterpark. It was pretty darn empty but that didnt stop the lifeguards who pretty much circle every area all day.. I felt very secure! We spent a lot of time in the HUGE toddler area which all of us enjoyed..It was a really big water area with slides for toddlers, splashing area and other toys. Actually we spent most of the time there before heading to the big wave pool for a bit..LynnMarie loved all of it and loves to do 1-2-3 go under water!! She is a water baby for sure. It was getting close to 730 so we left and changed for dinner. Since it was late, we first did story time in the lobby and their daily animated show which was fun and they even had a character come out and visit the kids.They invite everyone to come out in their pjs but we did not as we went to dinner afterwards..We ate at the resort and had great service plus a yummy meal. And our server gave LynnMarie a special souvenir as well! Fun times!!!

It was getting late so we went upstairs and had play time and got ready for bed. LynnMarie went to bed rather quickly.. I stayed up for a bit before crashing on the totally comfortable beds.. I loved the beds..The only bed that has ever been more comfortable is the La Quinta in Los Angelas we stayed in after we got home from China!

Tues we got up, got dressed and headed out. Busy day ahead! Had breakfast at Cracker Barrell, went to a Hendricks NASCAR museum and the walked the mall, which was HUGE and had some great stuff in their. Plus we got LynnMarie on a carousel and got her Halloween costume!! Fun times. We came back the hotel for lunch (microwave noodles) and a nap!

We got up and had more pool time and hit the arcade which was huge and had lots of fun stuff. Great Wolf is very family friendly and had LM been a bit older we could have done more. You can make your own stuffed wolf, make your own crocs or play Magic Quest which takes you on an adventure around the resort.

Dinner Tuesday night was at Quaker Steak which is a fun sports bar. We got back, gave Lynnmarie a bath and started packing up.

We took our time getting up the next morning and had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast..There is both a DD and a Pizza Hut on the property along with 3 other restaurants. There is also an ice cream/fudge shop too! We made a final stop at the fudge store before packing up the car!!!

That was the end of our trip but we will go back. There are several of these resorts around the country, I would love to visit the Williamsburg one next. But Concord is 4 hours from Atlanta, perfect for a 1-2 night stay for those of us in Atlanta!!! Please let me know if you have any questions..I warn you. If you choose to go to the website, you may end of making a reservation..It was a fabulous trip..

Great customer service, time as a family equals awesomeness!

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Tymm said...

sounds like you guys had a blast - definitely something we want to do with Meron sometime!!

Sara said...

Thanks for your review Amy. We've been considering going for awhile, but I'm not sure how we'd do with 4 kids with special needs. I think we will try it someday. My girls would absolutely love the story time.

Kim said...

Looked at the website and your review and it looks awesome. Love that it is only 4 hrs from ATL. However, the rooms seemed really expensive. Guess we are used to staying in the cheap motels! Is the water park open year round? Heated in the winter?

Jen & Bill said...

wow sounds like you guys had a great time. I have looked at their website and would love to book a trip in the future.

The Straight's said...

Looks like a lot of fun for sure! We may just have to visit soon...

Cristy said...

We'd really love to try it too. Your review makes me want to take the girls... Hmmm, Maybe to ward off the winter blues???

Susan said...

We looked into this for our family reunion in the fall. It sounds like such a FUN place!

:-) Susan

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the trip was super fun! I took a quick look at the GW website, but it was hard to tell which parts were included in the room price and which things cost extra? Is it an "all inclusive" or is at a 'pay as you play' sort of place? Glad LM loves the water, my Sarah does too! Later, Melinda K.

amy said...

Its not all inclusive..Some of the play things you have to pay for but we didnt use anyhing.bringing food helped save money but the lodge is so wonderful to just walk around and of course swim!

Roy and Lori said...

Just wanted to say hi! Glad
you guys had a nice time on
your trip!