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Friday, December 28, 2007

So for the moment, blogger is back up at work. I am presently working on day of 2 in a row and fighting a pretty nasty cold. I feel so yucky they almost sent me home Friday night.

SO Christmas came and went. Now its time to countdown until next year when I will be much more organized and we will much closer to Miss LynnMarie. I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year. I am working the Eve and Day again, because its really not a special day at all.

I really have to main resolutions this year. Lets look at them and then break them down, shall we?

1) Be a better wife

2) Be a better friend

In order to do either of these, I need to learn I can not do these alone. I have prayed that I will stay motivated as I work to improve myself. GOd created me to be the best I can be, and I am certainly not doing that right now.

Be a better wife. TO do this, I want to be healthier, I am want to lose a LOT of weight. I want to exercise and make better eating habits. Its very hard, as I have tried this several times and now I want to. I have a good friend who has asked me to start walking weekly after the first and I think that would be fun. I want to be a better listener to my husband and I want to be more organized. I think if our house was better organized we would enjoy out times together more. I want to come up with dates for each other that aren't to be expensive. I want to watch my spending better...What do you think?

Be a better friend. This means I want to get to know my friends better, catch up with old ones and make new ones. As much as I love email, I prefer a phone call or lunch with someone. I haven't had a good phone conversation with a friend in so long, I really miss it. So I am going to attempt to have one lunch or mall date with a friend a month. So, if you are out there, help me out. I will find you. I think we miss out on so much when we do not connect with our friends. I belong to a women's Bible Study and a small group at church and I really want to get to know these new friends.

and blogging friends, I have not forgotten about you. regardless if you have come to this blog by accident, or if you read our adoption blog, thank you. Send me an email at sometime. This year will be fun at Random Thoughts. Im not sure whats ahead but its sure to be exciting.


FRIGGA said...

Psss... Shhh, I'm not really back in the blogworld yet - still enjoying my vacation... But I had to come to say THANK YOU for the Notebook!!! It's a great romantic story and I'm excited to have the dvd, so THANK YOU!!!!!

I think you're new years goals are great goals. You seem to have put a lot of thought into the person you want to become. I think just posting this has already made a big start toward reaching your goals. :-)

I wish you and Michael a happy and healthy New Year!! :-)

crazygamommy said...

I love your resolutions...they are mine as well!! I'm going to blog about my resolutions on the 1st, my brain hurts too much right now and I'll be too busy tomorrow. LOL Hope you have a great New Year's celebration!!