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Monday, December 10, 2007


Craziness. I used to participate in every blogging event like Wordless Wednesday, Thursday13 and such. I'm just talking a break from that now but will be back.
Thanks for the prayers. I worked my first day shift in almost 6 years and I survived. I was so nervous last night that I hardly slept and now I am paying for it. We just got back from trivia and I know I will sleep well tonight. I still cant believe I signed up for an extra shift and signed up for a day shift. It wasn't that bad and all and it was nice to get to know some of the day shift nurses better. I visited with parents of some of my older patients and the time went by quickly.
Well, that was my day, how was yours?

Christmas Question

Tell us a present you have bought already this year and for who..I love getting ideas.

Merry Christmas.

Long post coming soon.......WIll be posting on adoption blog tomorrow (no news I promise just some cool stuffing going on in my head and heart)


Daddy Forever said...

I'm the opposite. I have not worked night shift since college. I don't think I could handle working at night anymore.

Jeff said...

Amy, when I worked the night shift for several years at CNN, it was downright freaky to work the dayshift, so I understand. It's another world, and with all the management running around you feel like they're always monitoring you.

Hmmm, a gift that I've bought? Well, for one of Dad's gifts, we got him one of those newfangled digital Christmas ornaments.

Love and Smiles said...

Our girls are getting a small bounce house!! Daddy is VERY excited about it. We plan to have it blown up in the yard Christmas morning!!!
I feel like I worked a night shift last night. Smiles did not sleep great last night!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I can't answer this because I have only bought one gift, and it is for YOU, Amy.

Jeff, going to need a judge's ruling here... a "digital ornament?" Does it tell the time of day? Do you send the tree text messages? Does it give you scrolling headlines from CNN?

Momma Love and Smiles... I went Awwwww when I read your comment, but then remembered it'll be Love's joy for a few years here first.

Brandi said...

My oldest daughter is 11 and is really wanting a digital camera. So, of course, since she's spoiled rotten, we got her one :)

My youngest is 9 and wanted an iPod shuffle, so that's what she got.

I can't wait until Christmas day to watch them open their presents. It's my favorite time of year! Watching them be happy, makes me happy!

Amy said...

I bought my daughter the new Josh Groban cd, but already gave it to her so we could enjoy the Christmas music!

We do a secret pal thing at church and I went to Cracker Barrell and bought a bunch of their ornaments for my girl. They always have such cute ones and when I went they were 40% off! Score!

Oh, btw, when we were in Virginia I tried Chik-fil-a for the very first time! I thought of you guys as I was eating my chicken nugget things and drinking a chocolate shake! I pictured you telling me I really shouldn't be eating those. Especially since I got the 12 pack. I know...what a pig. I didn't know they would be so big and yummy! And the shake was ever so good. I think it would become addictive so I am glad I don't have one close to me!

foremanmk1 said...

Hey there Sis.. Long time since we caught up so nice to catch up on your blog..
I have bought mom her dishes, you a few gifts, Janie, Seth and Owen are spoiled with games and toys. I still have to get Dad, Wes, and MIke.. thanks for sending the list.