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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Suggestions needed

Hey guys, Lucy the basset hound needs some help. She has pretty much broken both baby gates and can knock them down so we need new ones for 1) the safety of the house and b) our insanity. Since we know we will need them when LynnMarie gets here, we figured we might as well get some pretty nice ones. We dont want the ones you have to climb over and they need to be pretty secure.. Any ideas?


Carol said...

We have gates that are bolted to the wall. I think they are made by Safety First and I purchased mine at Walmart.

on the Rock said...

Sometimes you have to use noise to your advantage when training a dog.

My dog pretty much avoids our gate because when we lean it against the wall it makes alot of noise.

In the past when we played ball with him the ball would roll to the gate and the gate would make a clutter. Or he might have bumped into it and it would fall making a huge noise and clutter. So I think those experiences have trained him to want to avoid it at all costs.

The other thing that may help is to use command words as to what you want him to do or not do. Like when he does go over to the gate when it's up and we're going to open it I always say, "No paws!" And gently lift his paws away from the object.

That's the same command I have to use when he's running to the car to get in, otherwise he'll scratch the car, "No Paws!"

And it takes alot of patient repitition. And it's not always a perfect science:)

kailani said...

We used one by Safety First. It's mounted to the wall but the gate part can be removed between kids.

Good luck!

LINDA said...

We use the Safety First also but it is a vinyl covered wire-very sturdy. Our dogs got wise and chewed through the cheapie vinyl.
It doesn't bolt to the wall but it secure by lever and is snug. It cost around $30 and we've had the same one for years.

LINDA said...

The 'noise' we used for training was an empty can, such as a mushroom can. Put 3-4 pennies in it and secure the lid , using duct tape. When any behavior that you want stopped begins(barking, jumping,etc.), give the can a shake and say "NO" sternly. Soon,all you have to do is reach for the can!

Book and Hook said...

I have seen baby gates that are basically permanent. The ones I have seen are bolted to both sides of the hallway, and have a catch that you release. The door is then free to swing, so you can walk through it instead of high stepping over it. Then you swing it closed behind you. Though I like the suggestion of the wire embedded gates, I am guessing you don't want to be constantly stepping over them.

Karen said...

We have the ones that bolt to the wall as well. There is a "step" or button that you step on to release the gate open and then you can close it back, all hands free! With three very active toddlers, these have been life savers! The youngest is a climber, but since this has vertical bars, he can't climb them. We have one at the door to his room to keep him safe overnight, and then one at the bottom of the stairs so he can't go up there. We've had them so long I can't remember the brand, but we got it at Babies R Us.