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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Ok, this is the last post before of the short contest. I will do this comment contest again as think its so much fun. Hope you will go share a Christmas memory over at Michaels blog..The blog fairy really used her magic to make it look Christmasy!

The Christopher Christmas party is Sunday which means so shopping, cleaning and baking. Too fun. Friday night is our adoption support group and it is guaranteed to be awesome.

Start collecting pics of your ornaments. We will be sharing those later in the week.

Lets ask a question shall we?

When you think of Christmas parties, what do you think of? What types of food. Tell me about a great Christmas party you have been to.

Don't forget to continue the comment game below and to visit MIchaels Christmas blog simply because I said so..(HaHa)


Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I always enjoyed the Wesley Foundation Christmas Parties when I was at UCF. We always did the white elephant gag style gift exchange where we would draw numbers to pick from the pile, and if you liked one that was already taken, you could "steal" it and that person had to choose again.

We had a rule that a single present could not e stolen more than 3 times and one year the most desired item was a glass head, yes, as in a sculpture of a head (looked like a mannequin) in clear glass.

Matt D'Angelo was the winner if I remember correctly.

jenn said...

When me and my siblings were little, our grandfather belonged to the VFW. They threw Christmas parties every year, and Santa was always there. It was the first gift of the season. I wish my grandfather was still alive, but I have wonderful memories!

Susan said...

We have great work parties. We usually karaoke until late in the evening. Fun.

FRIGGA said...

Oops, I completely forgot to comment on this post earlier! Happy Wednesday! :-)

Pics of ornaments... That would mean I'd have to actually get them out of my storage closet... :-0

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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

The Christmas parties I have been to always have too much to eat and too much to drink and someone usually ends up drinking too much!

Amy said...

A great party will always include:

Hickory Farms beef stick and cheese balls
A variety of fun little cookies so you can eat a bunch of them!
Party Mix - you know, the Chex stuff
My mom always buys a canister of hard candy - tradition
Oh, and a huge box of chocolates for all to share!