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Monday, December 08, 2008

1000th post

Wow!!! Thats a lot of posting. I'm not sure how much substance was in those posts but thats a lot of typing.
My 2009 resolution is one that I am starting now and I want your input. My goal as it should have always been is to live simply and give bigger.

Are you doing this?? How??? I want to quit "wanting". Ugh, I still want material things. I made a Christmas list. At the time, I did not feel guilty. But there are bigger things in this life. I want to know how to give more.

I think I will be doing a massive cleaning out of the house soon and hoping to have a lot of bags of donations. I believe we have found a place that can use financial resources, but more on that another time.

Live Simply. I heard an amazing speaker last Wed on this topic and it spoke to me. How can I do that?
Are we talking, no more appetizers when we go out to eat?? Don't laugh. My mind works in odd ways.

Are we talking no more going to the movies but rather have board game nights with our friends??

What are you doing in general to live simple???


Michelle said...

congratulations on 1000th posts!

We don't eat out very much, we don't go to the movies much, we don't go shopping much LOL I guess we do live pretty simply already :)

Jose said...

1000 posts, that is a milestone indeed. Congrats, and looking forward to the next thousand.

I guess living simple is different for everybody, I just live my life as it is layed out for me on a daily basis, beign poor all my life has me living life on a day to day basis.

I hope you find your "simple" soon.

Natalia said...

I've been trying to give more. Even though we are on a shoestring budget I pull out spare change and dollars and drop it in the red bucket. But I'm with you. I think I should be doing this no matter what time of year it is. Congrats on the 1000th post!!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I'm not but maybe I should take your lead and try to!

redmaryjanes said...

Congrats on a thousand!
I'm focused on trying to find new ways that God can use me. I am hoping he will continue to bring amazing people into my life.

Pam and Jeff said...

Congrats on your 1,000th post!!! One thing this year that I have already just got hooked up in is volunteering doing something that is a stretch for me. It is a leap of faith. I am kind of excited to see where God takes me.
I also like a simpler way of living. Sometimes I think the internet is a double edge sword-takes time up a lot of time but italso opens doors.

Jenny said...

Congratulations, my friend!

How am I living simply and giving bigger?

1. My kids cry when I mention Goodwill.

2. In the past month I gave away about TEN tall kitchen trash bags full of clothes (mostly kids, but some of mine from BC - before children). Every time I do that, God sees fit to send me MORE for the next size up! I got a full bag just last night.

3. We eat simply. Home cooked meals do not have to be four courses. Protein, starch, vegetable or two.

4. Drive as little as possible, although it is a blessing that gas is coming back down. It is amazing how much less you spend when you just stay home. Not just gas, but also that order of tots from Sonic and of course just running in Wal-Mart for diapers and spending an easy fifty.

5. Spend time with those you love. Time invested this way will have eternal value.

Anonymous said...

Leviticus 19:10, basically meaning "live small." Don't use everything you have, you don't really need it. Leave it behind, someone else needs it more. It's what I have to remind myself of constantly.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Amy, Congrats on your 1000 posts..I have a little over 500 on my post..It is hard to cut back when I want too many things in life..You can't take it with you , so I want to enjoy stuff now ... I did cut back some on my Christmas shopping this year..Have a good night. Baba

Samantha Crane said...

Hello my dearest Amy. It's your favorite nutty parents from Wildwood. Emerson says hello. Okay, here's what we've done this year to try to live more simply.

1. I bought a sewing machine so I can sew some clothes for Em (cloth diapers, Halloween costumes) and random house things (curtains and crap-o like that). I haven't sewn anything yet, but I promise I'm going to soon!!

2. We are trying to stop "feel good shopping". Yale and I realized that to make ourselves feel better for Em being sick, we were going out and buying stuff for ourselves that made us feel good. We realized that we were just piling up this stuff and moving to the next want. I don't think God is very happy with us doing that, not to mention that our savings was taking a huge hit.

3. We try to only buy stuff we're really going to eat from the grocery store. It's a given that we will eat out several times a week (unfortunately going to Atlanta we have no choice), so we buy less groceries. We were buying groceries and eating out and food was being wasted.

4. Since we've both gained a significant amount of weight, we've donated our skinnier clothes to a local women's shelter. At least they are getting use, and I figure if one day I am blessed with the gift of becoming less fluffy, I will want new clothes anyway!

5. We eat from our garden in the summer. There's nothing like home-grown food that's pesticide free!!

So that's my list. Not a lot really, but it's something.

DebD said...

congratulations on the 1000th post! WooHoo!!!

I love the idea of living simply, but it is a habit which needs to be formed...that also means that it is not easy. Start slow. Sure, if it means no more appetizers, then just do that for a while. I would suggest a 6 month goal...maybe pick 2-3 things you would like to incorporate over those 6 months and just work on those. Don't try to do everything and don't pick the hardest thing (planting a veggie garden would be too hard for me).

Find other living simply books and blogs that encourage you. Like Jose said, living simply is different for everyone.

Christie said...

Congrats on your NUMERO BIGGO POSTOS!!

I'm going to have to give the living simpler new thought - I know after returning from Africa with our son, it certainly gave me a different perspective on all that we have here. So humbling...trying to not forget that feeling.


TeaMouse said...

Congrats on taking the knitting class, you'll have so much fun. Just think of the little girl things you can knit soon!

Susan said...

I love it...Live Simply and Give Bigger. So so profound and definitely one that could have a huge impact in the world.