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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Consignment Sales

So I participated in my first consignment sale this past week, All For Kids, the biggest in this area with over 400 families selling..I was a seller and a buyer and I pretty much broke even!!! I will be much more organized next year as it really is a great way to make some money and find some new things..

LynnMarie got a activity center that she has to stand to play with for $6.00, a drum for $3.oo a few books, a couple pairs of Robeez and other shoes and several Christmas outfits. I figure this is my first baby and I am going to cheese out and put her in a different Christmas outfit the month of December.I may regret it later, so go ahead and make fun of me now!

But I did volunteer and I met some wonderful moms including a facebook friend I have been waiting to meet for so long. I also met some fellow international adoptive moms too!! A good time was had by all..I made about 20 dollars more than I sold but i did get some great things for a great price so I believe it was worth it.. Met many moms who buy at least 500 dollars worth of stuff each sale, they say they get Christmas shopping done and clothes for the whole year!!

If you have never been to one, I recommend it. There are several more coming up in the Atlanta area!

On another note, I have more book reviews coming up which means more give aways..Stay tuned!!


erin said...

Consignment sales are great. I went to one with a friend of mine back in the spring, and she got so many good things for her 2 kids!

I think the idea of dressing LynnMarie in different Christmas outfits is cute. Of course, I'm kind of cheesy, so not sure that helps you any. :)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I have never heard of such a large consignment sale before...sounds like a great thing to take part in!