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Friday, August 21, 2009

When its time to change

Do you ever blog the same things over and over and over! We I am going to do it again. Went back to WW again this week and although I have been paying for it and have been going to meetings, I haven't been on program in a LONG TIME!!!! Anyone else been there!

But I read blogs that motivate me. Reading a guys blog that just 200 pounds with just exercise and eating better.. I read A LOT !

I don't want to be fat, really I don't, but honestly its easier to continue in the cycle I am in than to try to change. But then there is my most precious little girl who I want to have a healthy lifestyle. If I do not permanently change my habits now, then she will also have them and I don't want that.

So baby steps

- Lynnmarie and I will go for a short walk when I get home in the mornings or I will do some sort of exercise
-quit buying dinner at work
-eat veggies or fruit for snacks
-I will drink water, not soda
-i will walk laps at work

Now there are many ways I could go about this but I will stick to WW since it has worked for me. Lynnmarie loves her stroller so there is no excuse to walk. I would like to get to the gym more..I have been one time since April 1.

So I have asked this before, what are some of your tips on weight loss..Anything..Exercise? Recipes? Mental strategies!!

I know I have asked this before but HELP!!


Jose said...

We are such creatures of habit that it's so hard to change. You seem to be going on the right path.

Those little changes you are doing will eventually reflect and you'll feel better. Just keep it up.

Give a kiss to LM from me.

Nancy said...

Amy I found it easier to lose weight when I kept a journal of what I ate and how I exercised every day.
You think twice about eating the junk when you know you will have to write it down later.
Good Luck!

Natalia said...

Good luck Amy! :o) You can do it!!

amy said...

Nancy, thanks! With WW, thats part of the program..I love the etools!

Pam and Jeff said...

Amy-Our chrch has a Celebrate Recovery on Sunday night. We have a food issues groupg. We astudying the book "Intuitive Eating". It is really good. We have gone througha few books. Our leader is a food, fat and dieting therapist.
I also have been using Spark People. I love it. I have to say I like it better than the WW website. IT is based on plain calories not points.
You just have to find the right thing that works for you. :)

Mama Duck said...

I'm right there with you...never been in WW until now. I signed up last Monday, telling myself that I was going to commit to it for an entire school year. 9 months until May 2010--where will I be then? I hope I'll be healthier!
My strategies:
At restaurants, only the healthy things are choices for me...I pretend the rest of the menu doesn't exist. I am also meticulous about writing things down. (That worked for me in the past when I lost 100 lbs. I've gained 50 of it back in the last 6 years, so that's why I'm now in WW.) YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I can't help you much since I joined a gym a year ago and then again this last winter I payed for 6 months...notice I said paid for 6 months but did go only and exercise a few times....I however did go tanning some, part of the package. My sister though, has been going to the gym (now in the summer she walks outside more) and she has really started to watch her diet and has lost about 100 lbs.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Good for you. I'm aorking on loosing right now too. I did so good for a long time, always loosing most of my baby weight after each baby, but with this last baby I totlaly let myself go. Not only did I gain 25 pounds more than I usually do with pregnancy, but then I gained 20 pounds AFTER the baby was born. I've lost ten of that but I've hit a brick wall and have been stuck at this one weight for 5 months now. I'm slooooooowly loosing again by taking baby steps too. My baby steps are:
1. Drink a V-8 every morning. My long term goal is to eat tomatoes with every meal. (I read a study a long time ago that tomatoes burn fat and for me it realy does work. Just don't count pizza or spagetti sauce)

2. I'm trying to get out of the house at least 4 times a week. I've been taking my kids to the lake, the library, the park. My long term goal is to eventually exercise at least 4 times a week.

3. I'm choosing not to eat dessert or late night snacks more often than not. Long term goal is to not feel deprived by this but content.

Good luck, to both of us! =)