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Sunday, August 09, 2009

the world

So I randomly start thinking about how good we have it and sometimes, I still complain. I mean, I have clean water. I don't have to walk miles to work. Why do we live where we live? I think about this. There are places all over the world that don't have water, electricity and will never know these comforts. I just don't get. Why do we have so much when others have nothing?

The Bible commands us to help those who have less, but how many of us are really helping? I know I am not..Really, that honesty stinks. So many friends have the passion to help and I am not. I want to but I also have excuse after excuse of why I am not. Are we afraid of letting go of what we have? Man, I am selfish!!

There are soooo many starving people in the world.

How do you help? What can you do to help? Are you like me? Time to do something about it!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Guilty of being selfish too!

Rachel Ferrucci- MamaRucci said...

Amy- start by doing what you can, give cans to can drives, donate clothes or food. Start small so you're only giving a little time then before you know it, you'll be doing lots. I will say- I do what I can...I'm no Mother Theresa but I think every little bit helps.

Rachel Ferrucci- MamaRucci

Alyson & Ford said...

My DH and I supported a Children's Home by collecting donations for it. Fast forward 7 years and I am on the Board now and it is work, but so rewarding. I would do as Rachel wrote, find a local Food Bank, Hospital or Children's Home and connect with them. Once you find a place that you get emotionally attached to, you will grow in your support of it. It isn't all about giving money; you will find how your talents can help them and I am sure LM will be able to help too!

Alyzabeth's Mommy