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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Place I would love to go on Vacation

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Thirteen Vacation ideas I would love and why!
1…. 2 week Disney Magic Cruise. Michael and I have done this 2 1/2 times and I have loved it. Even when it rains, they make sure you have a good time. We dont have kids yet and loved it. There is plenty of things for adults to do!
2.Maine in the fall I want to take Michael there. I think it would be romantic. Dad took us for a week a few years ago and we had a great time. We saw whales and everything. Loved the weather in September
3.Orlando, Florida. We have family there which is why this wont happen. I want to spend 7-10 days on Disney property..Somewhere nice, hopefully expensive. Mind you, these are dreams and what could be perfect. I cant wait until we get our daughter and she is old enough to go.
4.Somewhere in Canada. Maybe where Anne of Greene Gables is at. I think it was called Prince Edward Island
5.San Diego Primarily for the zoo. I hear it takes a few days to go through
6.London We spend a week there, but it wasnt enough. I would love to go there
7.A resort somewhere where everything is included. That would be awesome
8.hawaii. it could be a cruise or just visiting different islands. That would be fun
9. Alaska
10.Texas Im not sure whats even there but it would be cool
11.Roadtrip to see where we grew up. This would include my sister and we would go to Midlothian Va and Rock Hill SC
12.Italy. This has recently become an interest because of books I have read. It seems quite romantic
13. 2 weeks in China Oh wait! I am going there and I am bringing home a small child! Yippee!Links to other Thursday Thirteens!


Laughing Muse said...

I have an aunt who lives in Maine. My mom visited her once after taking a mural painting course - during that mural course, she stayed in a B&B, which she says is lovely.

My parents have both been to Italy several times. The trick is finding a good travel agent - someone who's got the hookup. They'll be able to tell you all the smaller places the "guidebooks" miss which still have that amazing atmosphere.

The San Blas Islands, off Panama, are gorgeous. Rustic, and the only real activity is the daily trips out to skin-dive; but it was amazingly beautiful, and very hospitable when I went in the early 1990s.

Gattina said...

Nice places indeed ! Orlando I remember the heat it was awful. In Texas you can see Bush's ranch !!
London is a great city I have been there many times, my son used to live there and also has a house. Italy is my husbands home country and of course I know it from top to bottom. There are so many things to see and it is really a very beautiful and very special country too ! (think of the mafia, but since a few years they are all in prison) No really I would heartly recommend it to you !

Anonymous said...

Those all sound like great places to visit.

And yes, Anne of Green Gables is in Prince Edward Island. There's a lot more to Canada than that tiny province, though!

Hawaii is wonderful. My husband and I were in Maui a few years back when a friend was married there. Just beautiful.

Italy is on our list of places to visit while we're posted to Munich (the next three years). I plan on visiting Rome and seeing all of the old Roman ruins.

Happy T13. :)

Addie said...

I haven't been to any of these places - never been outside the borders of South Africa - so I can just image ... thanks for sharing.

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said...

The Disney cruise sounds like a must do... Italy is definitely on my list...

Nice TT

suki said...

:) I'm always up for a good vacation! Great list this weeeek. And yayyyy for China.

amy said...

Thanks for being so nice to me this week but yall dont forget my hubby..Hes a TTer as well and hes much more creative than I...Check out

hes even going to do a friday flashback!!!

tbirdonawire said...

My husband wants to go back to Alaska. We went on a cruise there about 13 years ago. I'd like to go see the Grand Canyon. My ultimate would be Australia, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. LOL

Great list!

Happy TT and thanks for stopping by!

Janene said...

Those are awesome places ~ I just love Disney! I have family in Florida, too. Who knows....maybe someday (far far away) we could meet down there and all our kids could run around together! That'd be cool!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Thursday. I can't wait until you get your daughter, either! I can't wait to see the pics and hear the stories! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been to #3, 4, and 12.
#4...Anne of Green Gables is on Prince Edward Island. I've been there twice and it's a beautiful place...and if you've ever read the Anne of Green Gables books, it makes it that much better. :-)

s@m said...

I've always wanted to go to Texas too, there's just something about it.

And, yes, Prince Edward Island is where the Anne of Green Gables house is. :D

Darla said...

We go to Italy quite frequently--it's close, and cheap, and there's a beach, and it's warm. Plus, the best ice cream on the planet.

Texas, well, I can heartily recommend San Antonio, and not solely because I'm homesick. Wonderful, friendly city. And again, it's warm. :)

Deanna said...

Great List!
Maine is absolutely gorgeous in the fall - at least the pictures my brother sent looked that way! :)
I've always wanted to go to Italy and if I do go to Disney World I I wanna stay in that same hotel!!

crygibb said...

Sounds like some great placeds. I would love to go to Disney, and hawaii. Or any of the places you have mentioned..I havent been to any of them. Happy TT. Mine is up too.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go on a Disney cruise. Especially since they provide babysitters!

Anonymous said...

Can I go, too?? :)

Miranda said...

Great TT!

1 - I'd love to go on that cruise too
3 - we're planning on going to florida in july
4 Canada is beautiful, you should go to Alberta, the rocky mountains are the most beautiful thing in the world to see.
5 - I loved San Diego zoo
7 - I wanna go to a resort too
8- Hawaii is wonderful
10 - TEXAS YAY!!! lol I've been there 4 times...though the last time I was there I was evacuating Rita, so I suggest, dont go during hurricane season.
11 - Road trip, I love them, anywhere. When we go to Miami in summer, we're driving there from texas. :)
12 - Italy....oh yeah, I'd love to go there

Sanni said...

Happy TT from one Disney-fan to another! Orlando is a great place to visit =)

Have been to Disney in Paris last weekend. Shop till you drop and lots of fun!

kind regards from Germany,


Janet said...

I love traveling, it's so much fun!

Cheysuli said...

What a great list. The Woman loves Banff in Canada--summer or winter! I'm rather just lie on that Hawaiian beach and sun myself..

alisonwonderland said...

I visited Maine in the summer and loved it. San Diego is one of my all-time favorite vacation spots; we're going again next June. One of my hope-to-do trips is an Alaskan cruise.

So excited about your impending trip to China!

Thanks for visiting my TT. Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

you're definitely going to love canada... there's just so many to see in each provinces.

Annie said...

My wish is that you get to take these vacations in your lifetime!!

Great TT!

Jennifer said...

Maine in fall sounds like a nice trip!
Anne of Green Gables did take place in Prince Edward Island- east coast of Canada- that is one place I very much want to see.
I live near San Diego, it is a great place to vacation, the zoo is wonderful, we have a yearly pass for it.
really nice TT!

Tug said...

What a great list (to cross off one by one)...Happy TT, thanks for stopping by!

mar said...

Oh, vacation time, great list!!!
happy tt!

Chelle Y. said...

I have always want to go to Prince Edward Island too! It just seemed so pretty watching "Anne of Green Gables."

Have a great trip to China! Being an adoptive mom myself, I know the feeling to excitement! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

San Diego is gorgeous! I used to live there and I have to say, I miss it dearly and will be going back to visit soon.

Come visit Chicago!! In the summer is probably the best because of Navy Pier and all the sports but winter is so pretty on State Street, with some snow!

tiggerprr said...

awesome list! I have always wondered about those Disney Cruises. Did you actually go on the 2 week one when you went before? I've been to Sandals in Jamaica...highly recommend it...totally no worries.Texas..go to San Antonio or Dallas...both great places with cool things to see and do. :)

Anonymous said...

Great list! I've always wanted to go to Maine, but never have. I think I've built up this amazing image of it that it probably could never live up to though! Happy Thursday!

Missy said...

I love the travel lists, it's fun to see where everyone wants to go. Great list!

Kukka-Maria said...

How do you go on a 1/2 Disney Magic Cruise?

Maybe that's entirely another post!

Heather Smith said...

I go through Rock Hill, SC all the time when I go to visit my brother. It's also near Carowinds where I have a season's pass! Great list!

amy said...

To clarify..We booked a cruise during hurricane season and well, it was interrupted by a hurricane so instead of a 7 day cruise, we got a 4 day!!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

My travel list wood be way longer than 13 becuz I wood wunt to vizit all of my blogging frends in the werld.

Anonymous said...

PEI (Prince Edwards Island) is beautiful from what a friend who just visited told me! Victoria, Canada also is one of my favorite vacations!

San Diego is great...but pricey. Lots to see and do and then you could slip down into Mexico!

Jenny Ryan said...

Ooh, Italy would be fun!

Brit said...

Congrats on the adoption!

China is gorgeous, all of the temples and such are amazing. Italy is nice as well, my favorite places were the out of the way towns in Tuscany. Orlando... I don't think I can judge, being from there. LOL Too many tourists for my taste.

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Enjoyed your list.

Thanks for visiting History Is Elementary. I'm always excited to have Georgia visitors. We are not far from each other at all.

Don't you just love that Barrett Parkway traffic?!!!!

Amy said...

I would love to visit Maine, a resort and Canada, maybe all in one vacation, eh?!

Well, I'm visiting all the Thursday thirteen-ers named Amy :)

Have a nice day!

Norma said...

These sound like fabulous places to visit--esp. that China trip!

My TT is up--hope you'll visit.

NOLADawn said...

Seems like a good list, I'd love to visit the Northeast. Seeing the leaves change would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Italy (I used to live there) and Orlando is awesome with or without kids. (Though I recommend with) Texas is about three hours from me, and a favorite destination when I was in college.

Douglas Cootey said...

Yes! Hawaii & Italy are two places I desperately want to visit one day. I have distant relatives there, apparently, if my genealogy is correct, but I don't think they'll appreciate me dropping by with my bags and family. ;)

My Thursday Thirteen

The Splintered Mind - Overcoming Neurological Disabilities With Lots Of Humor And Attitude

Anonymous said...

Yes, a Disney cruise is definitely in my future! Happy TT!

Karianne said...

Hi Amy, I am an adoptive mom too. Our son came home from Ethiopia in May of this year! I can't wait to read your other blog, congrats to you! I did my first TT post today and found your blog! If you get a chance, please visit my new blog, PracticingContentment, and let me know how I'm doing! Nice to find you,

Blond Girl said...

Oh, vacation.. I would go anywhere if it could be just me and champs! Having said that, I really want to go to Disney with the hubby and our Sweet Girl and Champs and I must visit Ireland someday....


My T13 is up!

kailani said...

A Disney Cruise is definitely on my list!

Mr. Repressed said...

Having just come back from our third 7-day trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando in two years (with two punkins in tow, to boot!), let me tell you that it's worth the wait.

We wanted to wait until both of our kids were old enough to at least enjoy the parks. The first time we went, my daughter turned three when we were there, and we had a little birthday party at the restaurant in Cinderella's castle... which normally is darn near impossible to get into, but we just happened to catch them when they had an opening.

One bit of advice: for full-ride enjoyment (for many rides, like Star Wars or Soarin'), the rugrats need to be at least 40" tall. On our second trip, Sissy was almost-but-not-quite tall enough and they wouldn't let her on (while her brother cruised on in), which resulted in a particularly nasty little meltdown for her. This last time, however (right before Halloween), she was tall enough and she had a grand old time!

When your kids climb off a ride, look up into you eyes and exclaim with unadulterated glee, "That... was... AWESOME, DADDY!"

*sigh* That just makes it all worth it. :)

Sparky Duck said...

Ok, we've done 5 & 8 on the same trip. The zoo is awesome, but unless you rent a car, the rest of the nice stuff in San Diego is too far to get too.

Hawaii is breathtaking, you wont want to go anywhere else afterwards.

The Shrone said...

I recall reading that there are tours through Prince Edward Island, and other parts of Canada, specifically for Anne of Green Gables. The tours on PEI are for the places where L.M. Montgomery lived, the inland tours are for the movie locations where the Anne movie and Avonlea series were filmed. I'm sure it is more beautiful in real-life than what the TV can show.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my TT. Your list is great -- I think I want to go to all of these places as well. Especially HAWAII!!! As I've been telling my husband for about 9 years now. I think we will go next year for our anniversary when Baby Girl is a little older.
Happy Travels :)

Maryanne said...

What a great idea for a lis? I would love to go to Maine, London and a Disney Cruise as well. My husband and I plan on travelling a bit when we retire. I think it's time I start working on my list, thanks for the idea.


MissMeliss said...

I'm with you on Maine, London, Canada, Italy, and China. Sounds like it's time for a world tour!

Amy Linder said...

Oh boy! Now I really want to get away! I've been to France and would love to return. Also want to go to PEI, The Isle of Wight and Austria. England and Italy too. I just want to go everywhere!

Amy :)

Krissy said...

Wow, great list! You are a well-traveled woman! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I have been really bad at keeping up with blogs lately, but I am so happy to hear of your wonderful news! I will keep you and your hubby in my prayers. Great list and thanks for visiting my TT!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that you had asked on my blog who designed it, her website is here:

Hope you find something you like there. The templates that are made for blogger require some hacking, cutting and pasting to figure them out, after working on it for a day and a half, I finally figured it out though. :O)

astrocoz said...

Those sound like great ideas for vacation! San Diego Zoo can take a couple of days to get through to see everything in the busy season, but, if you go during the off season (December-March) you can hit it all in one day. I like the Wild Animal park in San Diego, its my favorite! Its more hiking up trails, but I think its worth it...its kind of like an African Safari.

Thanks for stopping by my TT!

scribbit said...

My sister and I play this game all the time, she used to be a travel agent and has all the greatest vacation spots in mind.

Anonymous said...

Oh those sound like fun! Texas is my place of origin! There are lots of cool places to go and things to do!!!

Amy said...

Ahhh...I miss traveling. Some thoughts for you:

Maine-go after a dry summer, the colors are better
San Diego-check out the Wild Animal Park in Escondido. You can feed the giraffes!
Texas-"Remember the Alamo!"
Italy-I highly recommend Rome and Florence
China (and adoption)-How exciting!!!

Happy T13 (I'm a few days behind...)