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Thursday, November 15, 2007


My post in bullets

Fall is here and Christmas is coming. Don't worry. I wont forget about Thanksgiving.. Michael and I spent some time window shopping at the mall and guess who looked up at waved at us? That's right. Santa Clause!!! Yippee, what a cheerful man. After window shopping we had lunch at Ruby Tuesday and then went to Walgreen's for some shopping. Next was Target. We ended up buying my (our) Christmas cards and now we are home resting.

Thanks to all of you for your shoe info. We did buy some Crocs for me for work. Yes they are ugly (really ugly) but they are sooo comfortable. Next paycheck I hope we can get some walking shoes. I think I just need a different size although its just my right foot that's been hurting.

Working the next 3 nights and then I am off for a whole week. Starting after church on Sunday, clean up begins as we have family coming in. Sister Kelly will be staying with us and I am looking forward to some sister time. Part of that cleaning is getting the carpets and couches cleaned. It hasn't been done in a while so it must be done.

Played trivia last night with a coworker and a friend. we did pretty good for a while and then missed the last question. I'm sure hubby will talk about the questions at some time.
I am enjoying the weather, the season and people in general. There are several movies I want to see and I have already set the DVR (TIVO) to record 5-6 Christmas programs.

There are a lot of new blogs out there and I am enjoying reading some new ones and reading some blogs that are back from hibernation.

Oh, all prizes have been mailed. If you do not get your prize by the end of this week, please email me at Also, just a few more days to sign up for the card exchange. Thanks to all of those who have signed up so far. If interested, just click the yahoo button a few posts below, join the group and fill out the database!


FRIGGA said...

Whhooohoooo! Do I get a prize? Was that for that contest you had a while back?

Oh, I came back by today to let you know I've finally added you to my sidebar :-0

amy said...

oh yes thats for the prize I had a while back!!!! and yes you get one silly!

jenn said...

I'm glad you found comfy shoes. They make all the difference, don't they?

erin said...

Hubby and I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Yummmmm. :)

We need to get our Christmas cards soon. It's going to be time to send them out any minute!

Sparky Duck said...

way way too soon for Santa Claus, even in GA, where the weather never gets cold

amy said...

I agree. I didnt want to see him until Christmas but Im glad he waved at us..I should have told him to come back in a week or 2!

kailani said...

Sounds like you have a lot of work in store. At least you have something great to look forward to!

jenn said...

Oooohhh...I had a wonderful surprise today when I got home. A package of goodies. Thank you, thank you!