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Thursday, November 29, 2007

yucky sick

The Christmas cold has found both Michael and I. We are both pretty sick. I assume when he gets home from work, he will be resting well. We have decided on grilled cheese and soup tonight. I still plan on putting the ornaments on the tree though.

I am watching the Rockefeller tree lighting and i must say Tony Benett can still sing..Wowsers.

I am working Friday and Saturday (thinking about letting someone work for me from 7-11 on Friday) and then church on Sunday. I work Monday and then I am off the rest of the week to prepare for the Christopher Christmas party Dec 9. If I have your address, you will be getting an invite this week, if not, consider this your invite. Sunday afternoon Dec 9th will be having a social get together. It will be fun. Would love to have you stop by.

Have you guys done anything Christmasy this week? We noticed several houses with decorations. I love coming home from events with Michael and driving through the neighborhood. Fun Fun!!

I have to finish Christmas cards!


Carol said...

Got the stuff out but found we need bulbs. We do candles in the windows with garland. I need to get some new garland and bows. I don't want hubby on the roof with strings of lights. I can just see him falling off there and spending Christmas in traction......

FRIGGA said...

That sucks about the colds - but you're on the right path with good food and lots of sleep! :P

I still need to pull all my decorations out of the storage closet and up to my apartment - ugh! Maybe I'll be productive this weekend and actually get that done!

Glo said...

Came here by way of night owl place nice blog. I'm sorry your not feeling well. Praying you both feel better very soon. Hope you drop by my place sometime.

Sallie said...

Oh, it's so pretty here :-)

Sorry you guys have been sick! I got sick mid-October and this tickle in my throat has still not completely left me.. ugh!

God bless,

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Amy,I am sorry to hear that you and Michael feel bad with a cold..Your soup and grilled cheese sandwich sounds good.I hope you can get someone to work your first four hours on Friday.I will drop by on December 9th, until then, hugs, Baba

Daddy Forever said...

Sorry you're sick. I hope both of you get well soon.

I love seeing the Christmas lights around the neighborhood too.

kailani said...

Hope you both are feeling better soon. It sucks to get sick this time of year!

An Island Life

Anonymous said...

Hope your both feeling better soon - I really need to make a start on Christmas

Brandi said...

So sorry to hear you're sick. We've been fighting it at our house, too. NO FUN!!!

We have all our Christmas decorations out, and the lights on part of the outside of the house, but that's it. Hopefully we'll finish up this weekend.

Get some rest and hope you feel better soon!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I have done nothing Christmasy this week....I really need to get my but in gear!

Hope you are both on the's no fun to be sick, especially with so much going on.