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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The weekend Christmas Cards and me

Michael didn't know I was off tonight so we had a sort of surprise date. After a walk and a visit with our neighbors, we went to Stevie Bs (like Cici's) for pizza and then home. We watched Blades of Glory and are now watching 1408 which is pretty freaky. Once again, if you are interested in the Christmas card exchange, click the button below, join the group and fill in the database. Thanks to the several who have already joined. Don't forget to stop by after Thankgiving for what will be a fun time at Random Thoughts.. There may even be a few changes to the blog.

Click here to join amyscardexchange
Click to join amyscardexchange

Tomorrow will be church followed by a nap before I go to work. I have some overtime this week which will be nice as I am taking a vacation during the week of Thanksgiving. I can not wait for Thanksgiving and all the things that go with it.
I do have to say this. I think I am usually a pretty positive person and I am thankful for my blogging friends who leave me compliments. But let me be honest. I am a Christian and I always learning, but I don't want anyone to think I am "a good girl" because I have sooo many faults and I am thankful that our God is a forgiving and merciful God. I struggle with many things and I do lots of things that annoy the heck out of people. I'm not the best nurse and I am surely not the best friend most of the time. I do want to be better, Im not sure why I dont try harder. WHen I figure that out, I will probably start losing some of this weight..Ugh..I know everyone struggles and I am fortunate that I have not had many tragic things happen to me and for that I am grateful..
I just wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to read and post to my blog.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Amy. I watched 1408 too and found it quite scary.

I love cards. I'll come back tom. to read more about this interesting cards exchange. For the mean time, let me say good night to you. Take care!

jenn said...

I think you are being pretty hard on yourself. We all struggle and have faults, and I'm sure we all have things we do that annoy others. Nobody is perfect. We're all unique.
I like the person you are on your blog. You seem generous and kind. I'm glad I found your blog...I enjoy reading it.
Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

Hi Amy! I, too, am having a hard time getting back on my "diet". And I shouldn't. It really wasn't that hard when I was doing it. After my surgeries I used the excuse of eating what the church folks brought. It was laziness.

I will pray for you Amy. I think you and I have a lot in common. It's not easy, but I do know with God ALL things are possible and it is up to us to seek His help and work as hard as we possibly can! And when we make a mistake don't use it as an excuse to give up. Brush it aside and start new that very second. He is a loving and forgiving God. And He loves YOU and wants the very best for you and your family!

There I go again sounding preachy. I'm giving myself this same pep talk!

Gattina said...

If you accept yourself than you feel much better and people will love you for that ! I still enjoy the warm weather here in Egypt and tomorrow I have a funny adventure to write about, lol !

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I have not seen Blades of Glory yet but my kids tell me it is great....I will have to make a "date night" with my hubby and sit down and watch it!

I started to diet and then gave up when harvest rolled around....I am just not real motivated at this time...especially with Thanksgving and Christmas coming up.

FRIGGA said...

I feel so guilty every year for not doing Christmas cards... oh well :-0

Kat said...

Before the New Year, I was walking every morning before work and all of a sudden I stopped walking. It has been very difficult getting back in the groove but I am going to do it. Maybe we can all encourage each other during our times of struggle. Here's a meme I hope you'll find interesting:

DebD said...

I have never heard of 1408. Was it good?

I also love learning the many wonderful things about God. I am humbled by your honest post, I really struggle with being brutally honest with myself about my faults (its so much easier to see someone else's). I appreciate your opening up.


p.s. There's a little typo in your entry. I also thank God for His forgiving and merciful Nature, but I don't think He's a "blog". (giggle). My fingers often don't co-operate with my brain either.

amy said...

No others commenters caught that? Not sure if I should giggle or be embarrassed..Going to fix it now!