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Sunday, November 09, 2008

13 more posts until my 1000th post-what should i do

If you are one of the cool people i met at the blog party last night, then hello! I had a blast and enjoyed getting to know so many of you. Some of you came up to me to say hello and that made my day. You made me feel cool, even if it was for just an evening..haha!!!!!

Everyone..... I am getting our Christmas card list together and i want to send one to you. So, send me an email with your name address, blog title and if you were at the blog party or if I know you some other way..(

Fall days just make me happy!!!!!!!

and let me know if you are on twitter, come find me so i can follow you


Anonymous said...

Macy and Rick Ruiz
3481 Lakeside Dr. NE
Unit # 2903
Atlanta, GA 30326

I love reading your blogs. It is neat you met Carlos Whitaker he is the worship leader at our church and is in small group with one of Rick's co-workers. Autumn is beautiful!

the5powells said...

twitter freaks me out.

Larry said...

Amy, thanks for you e-mail note and thoughts. Have not been blogging much for the last few months -- had a family emergency in May, then my best friend's daughter's wedding in early August (lovely young lady turned into Bridezilla) so much of June/July was spent being unofficial "wedding planner" and mother/daughter mediator, another family drama in early September for three weeks. Back at home in October and spent the month just catching up on things which takes us to November and so back to a bit of blogging.
Even though it's been a hectic few months, I know these events are just steps along my journey in life and I embrace them knowing there is a higher purpose guiding it all.
Yikes, didn't mean to write such a long comment but want to congratulate you in advance on reaching your 1000th post soon. I am getting close to 1500 posts -- but then again it shouldn't surprise me as I know I do tend to blather on and on sometimes.
Again, your e-mail started my day with a big smile!

Angela Ramsey said...

I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband last night. I hope to continue reading your blogs!

Angela Ramsey
467 E.Bay St. #4
Jesup, Ga 31546

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Fall makes me happy too.....unless it snows when you aren't ready for it....grrrr!

~suzanne said...

Hey Amy-
It was great meeting you on Saturday! My blog (the one I was too shy to share) is and my twitter name is soozieque.