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Sunday, November 02, 2008

vote and pray

I probably don't need to remind you to go vote on tuesday, but please also pray. Regardless of who wins, our country is in trouble and our new President has a LOT of important decisions to make..and i hope that who ever wins, we can all respect his position

Check out Carlos's blog for a great post about prayer here.

I just keep thinking that our country has turned away from God and instead of following him, we choose to do things that make ourselves comfortable and happy.

People have gotten mean over this. When you tell someone who yousupport, a lot of times they quickly tell you why you shouldn't vote for your choice. It's nice to see people passionate though, regardless of who they support.

I do agree with my husband that McCain is not Bush and that i hope are not voting for Obama simply because they do not want another 4 years of Bush. I hope they are voting for him because they believe that his experience,morals. ideas, and his behavior in the past make him the best man for our country's President.

I do like both candidates. I do not like Obama's economy solution ideas at all but is that a reason not to vote for him? i have been reading several blogs with blogs with titles " I'm a Republican voting democrat ' or " I'm a christian voting Democrat'. I want to vote for the right man. I want to vote for the guy that share the same morals that I do because i think that will be how he runs our country.

Enough political talk. I really don't know enough to argue. these are just my thoughts.


Susan said...

I don't know enough to argue either. But I know that I am glad it will be over on Tuesday. I am praying...and think that this will be more necessary in the coming years regardless of who takes office.



Jose said...

I am a man that had to earn his right to vote in this country, I had a way too long wait to cast my fisrt vote. This will be my third time voting, it really ticks me that many people that didn't have to earn the right to vote like I did don't vote or don't care.

I am a Democrat so you know who I'll be voting for but you are right whoever the country elects we must get behind him and support him. We are indeed in trouble and it will get a little worse before it gets better.

I'll join you and many others that believe in the power of prayer in praying for a better America and for things to change soon.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I'm with Susan, I don't know enough to argue my points very well. And I'm historically non-confrontational, so add that to the mix and I can't argue well period!
I just know that there are some certain fundamental beliefs that I strongly believe in and I'll pick the best candidate based on those. I know there isn't one person in this world would agrees with me on everything, so I have to "choose my battles" so to speak.
I know I'll vote life. Every time. You know, as you wait for your little girl, that babies are wanted so badly. It kills me to know our nation cares so little about them to do something about it.
Another value is "work hard, get rewarded." I'm not at all in favor of "redistributing the wealth." That's socialism.
Also praying that even if people don't like the winner, that they'll at least get behind him in order to fix this country.

amy said...

unfortunately, a lot of the negative things i have read have been from other blogs. not that it is negative, but i have read several places people are voting for obama simply because they dont want another 4 years of Bush.

did anyone watch the Rick Warren interview on cnn with both candidates. that was a great interview and both candidates left a positive mark on me.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I don't blog politics because I can't handle the back lash. But I'm also looking forward to the end of all of this tomorrow. The ugliness of it all has really gotten to me. People are MEAN. And if you are not voting for their candidate of choice they really can give it to you and I find that unfortunate. My boys keep saying that they are "voting for (my candidate of choice)". I keep trying to tell them that in our country you can vote for whomever YOU feel is the best candidate and that when they are older they will be able to make their own choices and not vote for who I say is the best.
But there are those (on both sides, but one side more than the other) that seem to forget that and have gotten so mean this election that I'm ashamed of us as a people.
I'm voting for the candidate that best represents my core beliefs. No candidate is a one size fits all for me.
I just hope that EVERYONE gets out and votes. This way there can be no complaints. Let the popular candidate win.

KC said...

Wonderful post..

Anonymous said...

I get most frustrated by people who say I am not voting because I don't care who wins. How can you not care who wins? Also what other right are people so willing to give up. Women in the past went through a lot so that I may vote to tomorrow and for that I am grateful