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Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Traditions

So what are some of yours??? Come on, I really want to know


sara said...

Opening PJs on Christmas Eve.

Watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.



Jose said...

For Christmas eve we all get together as a family and basically eat a lot. There is always plenty of food. Many of my relatives do the afternoon mass before coming to the gathering. Then at midnight we all exchange Christmas hugs and wishes and then open all the presents. Christmas morning we spend at home where the kids open a few more presents and since on Christmas day everything is closed we just stay home all day.

Another thing mi chica and I do during the season is to watch a lot of Christmas movies, we can't get enough of them.

FHL said...

We give our son three gifts for Christmas representing one from each wiseman. We started doing this 3 years ago and love how it brings the birth of Christ back into our Christmas morning :o)

The nativity scene also has it's wisemen traveling throughout our home inching their way closer throughout the month and on Christmas morning J get's to put baby Jesus into the empty manger :o)

Susan said...

We do PJ's on Christmas Eve. We usually do a big dinner the afternoon of Christmas. We also like to do a "power shopping" day as an entire family before the big day.

Fun question, Amy!

The Evans Family said...

The kids get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It started, when we just had Sarah, as a "fun" gift. Now that we have FOUR we usually open PJ's and wear them to bed!

Another tradition we have is that, starting the first week of December, the "elves", who are watching the children's behavior, visit and leave "gifts" for the children. These gifts are usually small; thank you notes, DVD, christmas socks, holiday plates.

Last year the "elves" brought us a new kitten! Clarence has been a wonderful addition to our family!

We love starting new traditions as our family grows!

Valtool said...

For 7 years now I have had a new tradition. I married this girl and she is obsessed with having breakfast on Christmas Day at Waffle House, so that's what we do.

Natalia said...

We don't really have any.

Anonymous said...

we have to put up our Christmas tree--- a tradition started by our firstborn-- AMy- Today we have our tree up and most of our presents bought, yet not wrapped!

Anonymous said...
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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Christmas Eve at Grandmas, followed by Midnight Mass. Broccoli-Corn bake is a must for Christmas dinner....doesn't matter what meat is served but we always have broccoli-corn bake.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

We get a live tree on Christmas Eve and put it in the basement playroom (where Santa comes) and let the kids decorate it with paper chaines, etc. We usually find the tree for free at that point! BONUS!

We eat Pillsbury cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!

The girls and I have this little ornament that is a tiny book with a page or so on how different countries celebrate Christmas. We all (now all 4 of us) climb under the tree and read about one country each night. We hide the book in the back as soon as we take it out, and pretend that daddy doesn't know our secret!

A new tradition is that we got the "Elf on a Shelf" book, so now each morning Ally has to get up and find Nate (our elf) and see if he made a mess or got into any "trouble"! FUN FUN -- I'm going to add this to my blog!