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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Its Crazy. I cant imagine her not here..I forget what it was like without her. I relive gotcha moments in my head all the time. I wonder why she loves us soooooo much. Big tears are seldom, but crazy smiles occur A LOT!

We are working in routines..Most of the time, I get her up but once dad gets back to work, we will share the load. She sometimes gets up in the middle of the night for maybe a few minutes which includes a heavy diaper and a bottle. When we get up (and lately, I have snuck in her room to quietly wake her up) we change our diaper and play on the floor in our room for a few minutes..Breakfast usually includes some toast and fruit and we know she likes eggs. WE have been watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while having breakfast and sometimes we watch Dora too!!! What do your toddlers eat for breakfast? IN fact, what is your routine?

Then playtime, lunch and nap. We love music time on Wednesdays and looking forward to more playdates hopefully this summer. We love the pool and cant wait for daddy to join us.

Its crazy how she becomes the priority in your life. You never really stop and think about, she just becomes your life. We have started saying prayers at bedtime and she always has the sweetest smile. We have posted some recent pics up at the adoption blog at

She is wonderful. Everything I dreamed of. She is funny, content, doing really well with attachment and bonding, although we are still working on it.

Haven't found time to go to the gym, which is my next priority as well cleaning the house..

I know its a long way off, but I am thinking of Halloween costumes, Christmas season cloths and her first birthday. I have waited for this soooo long, its nice to be home with my baby..

My goal now is to become a mom she can be proud of. I want her to see me giving to others and not being selfish, I want my weaknesses to be her strengths. I want God to just use her and allow us to see what He created her to be.

So now, weight loss, organizational skills and creating a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually are my goal!!!

I still cant believe I am a mom. This is sooo much better than babysitting!


Jose said...

Amy you were so ready for this, and had to wait more than nine months, I am so glad you are enjoying it and what a blessing for LM.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Just got done looking at some pics of her on your other blog...cute, cute and oh yeah, cute! She is so adorable!!!!!!

you are one great mom and I am sure she will be proud of of the mom you are!

Andrea said...

Wow, Amy...I haven't been by in a long time -- I had no idea you guys got your baby girl.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know you have wanted this for a LONG time, and I praise God that your dreams have come true.

Christie said...

The sentiments of a beautiful mother...I love reading this


Jeff said...

That was very sweet, Amy. I'm so glad you are as fulfilled in mommyhood as you hoped!