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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Has it really been 2 months since I have posted? Crazy! Its now Spring in Atlanta, everyone is healthy at the time and I have thankful for that.

Not much has been going on. Still working night, still married to my Michael and still in love with the sweetest 2yo ever!!!

I have decided to go South Beach. Seriously, I am going to try. I have A LOT of fatness to lose and I want to be here for a very long time so I need to get my act together. This day 1.5 for me and I am still doing research to make sure I am doing what I should. My problem is I get too hungry and then I fail. Just had a handful of almonds so hopefully that will last.

DO you have any good carb free meals that you want to share? I just eliminated 200 blogs from my bloglines but I am ready to start reading again so if you have a blog that you update frequently, share it with me or share a blog that is a must read! So that's if for today. I am hoping some of my new readers will also be on the weight loss journey and can help me feel accountable

Today we woke up late so we literally skipped breakfast but for lunch I had a large amount of cooked broccoli and sliced turkey! I have had cheese and almonds for snacks and for dinner (I'm working night shift) I will have a Cobb Salad that my husband bought me!!!

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redmaryjanes said...

I am struggling to find the right solution for me too. I would like to slim down for summer. It is hard to find the right fit.