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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spiritual Saturation

Interesting phrase but I get this.. This weekend, God just poured his love and grace on this retreat. I mean, he poured buckets on us. I have never experienced any thing like this. My new friend gave me this phrase and explained to me that she feels like a sponge and just needs to soak this all of this amazing stuff that happened. I could not agree more. As much as I want to share the entire weekend for you, I do believe that sometimes God gives you moments just between you and Him.

I too, want to soak this in and spend some more time pondering the things I have learned. I will share some things in the next couple of days but I do want to spend time talking to my God and remembering everything He has promised!

If you feel like it, pray that what I have learned will not be a weekend retreat thing, but a life changing journey.


Jose said...

I have not had spiritual retreats but before my marriage I did attend an engagement retirement, and then 10 years later a marriage encounter. You are right, they do change your life and are totally worth attending.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

What an incredible thing you experienced. I'll pray that it stays with you always :)

Susan said...

Wow...sounds wonderful!! Praying that it all now filters down to the "sticking point"! Hugs,