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Monday, March 31, 2008

Weigh In

Todays weigh in showed a loss of 2.8 pounds bringing the total so far to a bit over 13.. I am assuming i will actually notice a difference with another 10-15 pounds but so far this is great.

I am learning that my eating is really a mental problem right now. I can do this.

This afternoon I had WW English Muffins with mozzarella cheese and tomato's..yummy. I have a new WW buddy, Erika who is a member of our small group. We met at Applebees and ate off of the WW menu. My tilapia rocked.

Anyway, I am having some strawberry shortcake tonight and I will still short points. I was able to subtract a point from my daily total which is fabulous.

Poor Michael has the flu, the nasty flu after he got the vaccine. The flu is bad this year and hoping it will end soon.

Thanks for praying today guys. Hoping to hit the gym tomorrow.

Today I found out that my weekends are going from a Friday/Sat weekend to a Friday/Sunday weekend meaning I will always be awake from church! WooHoo


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

wow.. Amy, you are doing great...I am happy for you.. your new week-end days sound better to me...hope Michael gets well soon... Hugs, Baba

Jodie said...

I love Applebees chicken and especially their french onion soup! We are about the same with our weight loss...I'm at 13.2. I'm glad we can encourage each other.

The Straight's said...

Man you are doing awesome on the plan! So excited to hear you are going to be able to be with us Monday night. Your presence will be a God thing- I'm sure of it!

kreed said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your post made me chuckle - I am very familiar with Weight Watchers and points and practically lived on English muffins! I loved the fact that they weren't very many points and still bread! You are doing great - keep it up!

kailani said...

Congratulations! What a great accomplishment!

Carol said...

Amy, the Lost you know what Providence the girls were from? I'm wondering because the orphanage looks familiar to me! Do you talk to her????

ChupieandJ'smama said...

So sorry that Michael has the flu. I hope he's feeling better. Congrats on the weight loss!! 13 pounds is fabulous. I ate an entire chocolate bunny today. I fell off the wagon (Hard!). I need to get my mind back where it needs to be and out of my sons Easter basket.

Christie O. said...

hi!! i haven't been by in a little while -- congrats on the weightloss! i'm working on it a little myself -- i'm having a little weightloss contest/giveaway over at my place! come on by! i have a new blog now (mine used to be captain poopy).. it's
hope you're doing well!