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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Its your turn-lurkers come out

What are you thinking about? If you have never posted, this is your chance. Whats on your mind? Steven does this every now and then and its pretty fun!! Who wants to start? Lets talk about work, American idol, grass (not that kind of grass) , college, God, adoption, the color beige or anything random you can think of!!!!!!!
BTW, if you are reading this and comment you will be entered into a drawing for a Rachel Ray comfort foods cookbook. Another duplicate item I have!! All you have to do is comment ( your comment can't be I want the book!! The point is to start a discussion!!!) and mention it on your blog!!! Winner will be announced Thursday evening! I told you I liked to give things away!!


Jose said...

Growing up dancing I love the show So You Think You Can Dance. In my last post I predicted that Lauren and Pasha would go and I was 100% right. Who will the winner be is still a toss up, the four remaining dancers are all great. SYTYCD does not have nearly the audience that Idol has but to me it's just as fun to watch.

amy said...

I cant believe I never watched the show! I love that stuff! Next year I will watch!

Anonymous said...

Im wondering when parents will start making their kids fully clothe themselves. Its day 2 of chool and I have seen enough skin to put my kids in private school


Kayce said...

That's funny you said grass...Since I have to go mow!!! :} Oh and school starts tomorrow...7th grade!

Amy said...

I've been weepy today because my son is in his junior year at school and I cannot believe that two of my kids are adults now! I'm barely an adult myself ;o)

I dreamed about you and Michael the other night. When you went to get LynnMarie she had a twin brother that you didn't know about! So you cam home with two babies :o) And Amy, they were so so so cute! Each of them had a head full of black hair and they were both cuddlers! It was just so real even thinking about it now.

Karen said...


Here's a question I have been pondering. Let's say there are 3 popular presidential candidates in the actual election. If all three are close and the electoral votes are split and no one gets the requisite 270, what happens then? Has this ever happened before in history?

Jen said...

just popping in to say hi :)

Anonymous said...

I just went to North Metro for only the 2nd time this past Sunday and heard the same message you did. I'm thinking of going to the October Discovery I class. Maybe I'll meet you one Sunday at North Metro. My girls really liked it and I did too.

Mom to Anna and Lily

amy said...

So far this is has been great!

Interesting question about the presidents. Im sure Michael will comment on this.

Amy. I love that dream!

Candis, we are going to the D2 class in October.Would love to meet you!

Book and Hook said...

Okay, I'll de-lurk.
I found and have been following your adoption blog for some time now.
You make my day sometimes with how upbeat and full of faith you are.
I agree with anonymous/jen, I recently went to the pacific coast (and then the Columbia river) and I saw more skin in general than I ever wanted to. What was worse was the scraps of cloth that I saw toddlers, young kids, and teenagers wearing. It flabbergasts me that someone would put their toddler in a bikini where the wash instructions are the largest piece of material.
Other than that we had a great time.

Sparky Duck said...

wow a RR cook book I dont have!

the night owl said...

Do you want a good laugh?? Watch the show on Tuesday night called "Just for Laughs".My husband and I watch it at 8pm on ABC..You will be laughing so hard !!!
I have to get busy mailing postcards so have a good day. Baba

amy said...

Ive got to go do my cards as well. Hoping to get them out sometime today!

Melanie said...

I love the Presidential question. I am definitely going to have to look it up somewhere.
And I am sooooo very happy I do not have girls with the fashion trends and skimpy outfits. We have a rule in my house that applies to my neices - If I can see your stomach or behind you need a new outfit to enter! LOL
Right now I am actually thinking about all of the stuff I need to buy at Target when I go tomorrow after school open house - new shoes for the baby, sneakers for the big boys, return two pairs of shorts, etc. I am also thinking about what I can do for hubby for our 10 year anniversary to surprise him. We have already planned a four day trip away alone together but I want to do something else.
Have a great day!

CrystalG said...

I will delurk. :) I enjoy reading your blog. I get inspiration from your posts.

CJ and Donna said...

Ok, now how in the world am I supposed to pack for 5 people in only 2 suitcases?! How am I going to entertain 2 high maintenance boys on a 20 hour flight? Why do plane tickets cost so much?

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I made a post to my blog earlier this year regarding kids and their clothes and I was very surprised at the reaction I received.

In general, it was about parents who let their little girls wear shorts with words written across the backside (ex. sassy, cheer, Bama, juicy) and the fact no daughter of mine will be allowed to wear the same.

The premise of my argument is it draws unnecessary attention to their rear-ends. I myself am subject to this. I am in no way a pedophile, but my thought is, do I want the attention of a 36 year old man drawn to my 10, 12, 16 year-olds' ass?

My surprise came from the majority of those who posted saying that it doesn't matter what they wear because a person with a sickness is going to be looking anyway, so let the kids have their fun.

Do any of you agree?

Cyndi said...

i agree with you michael ,there are sickos out there and sometimes there isn't anything you can do to protect your children but at least dressing them properly may make them less tempting to these people. my son has to wear uniforms at public school and for this reason it's a good idea.

tegdirb92 said...

Congrats on finding a new church!! That is always a blessing.

Did you post pics of your daughter room yet? If so, can you post the link again? I would love to see them :)

Lulu said...

Oh, I love Rachel Ray! If your giving away the book, I'm assuming that you watch her Food Network Shows. My favorite is $40 a Day. Food and travel--two of my favorite things!

Actually, I came over to visit you looking for a Thursday Thirteen, but to my surprise, a giveaway! It's probably too late for me to post it on my blog, so if you can't include me in the drawing, that's okay!

amy said...

my comments

Sparky, yes a RR cookbook and it could be yours for the price of only one comment

Night Owl (Baba) some of my postcards went out and I got 2 today! We will have to check that show out!

Melanie, Target rocks and I cant wait for the day to go get school supplies for my kids!

CJ and Donna, I cant believe how much fun you are going to have. I cant wait to learn from you..Packing? I cant help there. I pack 3 bags for a weekend getaway

Michael ad Cyndi, I agree. I feel that one should be looking at their hineys, not just predators. No one should be looking at their rear ends!

tegdir, her room is getting cleaned out right now. over at there is a link to her room. I think its

lulu, I will be drawing tonight. I cant believe I had a duplicate book. I will be back to TT next week!

Meghan said...

I am going to come out of lurker-dome and thank you for your comments on my blog.

Last year, a girl in my daughter's kindergarten class wore a winter hat that read "muy sexy." What is worng with people?

gab said...

Wow what a way to invite people to talk about themselfs. I love to collect things. I have cookbooks,Hallmark mini orniments, coca cola stuff,Salt and peppers,candles,spoons,snowglobes,pencils,refrid magnets,furbys,wicker baskets. Well there is more but to be honest thats enough for now. But just to let you knwo I have no Rachel Ray cookbooks as of yet.