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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Postcard Exchange

Anyone interested in a postcard exchange? I think its fun to get postcards from all over the place. If you are, send me an email to!!!!!

Anyway, later in the week, I will post more pics from my family's trip to Atlanta. We really did have a blast. Yes, I live in Atlanta but it was nice to the tourist things with them.

I have had very interesting dreams this week. Have you had any odd dreams?

One of mine including standing in line to get Gwen Steffanie autograph and as I was talking to her I looked down to see Ryan Seacrest! Not sure where that came from

The next night, in my dream I was at Barnes and Noble getting some books. I remember getting the entire HP series, which is odd since I have not read one of those, a book entitled The 5 Love Languages and something else. As I walked to purchase my books, who rang me up? Dog the Bounty Hunter!!! Must have had an interest in celebrities last wee!


Annette said...

OMG...I can't believe I won the awesome!!! Thank you so much Amy for your RAK. You've got mail!

the night owl said...

Hi Amy, getting post cards sounds like fun... count me in.You have my e-mail address,if not let me know. Baba

Amy said...

Oh Amy, your dreams have me laughing tonight! Too funny. I tend to have reoccuring dreams. One of my favorites is we buy a house and after we move in I keep finding more and more secret hidden rooms that I had no idea even existed! I'm like~Score! More closet space, more places to hide all my junk before company comes!

Sparky Duck said...

hello, postcard exchange, sign me up. And it is actually coincidental since I need your address.

What was Ryan doing exactly, that will help with the reading of your dream.

Melanie said...

Interesting dreams!!! lol
A postcard exchange sounds like fun!