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Friday, August 17, 2007

yucky week

Hello blogging friends! Make sure you check out Michaels blog today for his Friday Flashback videos!!!

There is lots on my mind today. Its just one of those weeks. I am not depressed but I have just not been happy. Have you ever had one of those days? You know the days where you just cant do anything right?
Seriously,I need to learn to want to exercise, want to eat better, learn how to clean my house and keep it this way. I have always been unorganized and my hope was to get better at it before we left for China, but now I doubt that will happen..Ugh!!! Its just one of those week. I know it will be better. Perhaps its working night shift but that's not changing soon.

I did get up with Michael at 630 this morning and did the dishes and swept and mopped the floors downstairs. I then did my version of "doing laundry". You see that involves hanging all hanging clothes on the treadmill. Have you ever done that?

The good things are that Michael and I are both working. Michael is making decisions to help us get out of debt, we now have a home church, and we have family that loves us.

I'm so glad that my God loves me unconditionally right now. Its because of His promise to never leave me, that I know this too shall pass.

What do you do when you are feeling sad or just blah?

On another note, I got a gift from my secret pal yesterday. Check out the adoption blog for a picture. I also got 2 postcards from our postcard exchange yesterday. If you didnt participate, I hope you will next time! Its great fun!! I think I will do a Christmas card exchange. That always cheers me up!


Jose said...

We have to take the bad, to enjoy the good. Hope your weekend is better than your week.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I hate days like those...unfortunately I eat when I feel like that but am trying to change that.

Try reading a good book or listening to some good music...that might bring you out of it. Sometimes I call a friend and get together for a "bitch session" and get it all out.

Hope you are feeling better!

Melanie said...

Sorry you are having a rough week! (((HUGS))) Hopefully I have something that will cheer you up a little - there is an award for you on my blog. Please go over there and get it! :)

As for me on days like that I like to loaf around with my hubby and my boys who can always cheer me up!

Carol said...
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Amy said...

Amy, I too, have days like that but I find it truly helps to read scripture and what helps even more is to put on my favorite christian singing artist. I know SCC or MWS have wonderful, uplifting songs! Have you ever listened to 4Him, Avalon or Phillips, Craig and Dean or Point of Grace? They are all wonderful too!

I will keep praying for you, especially for your goals~I totally get that part because I struggle with the same issues.

I hope you have a nice weekend!

Sabine said...

Oh, I know where you're coming from. yep, I have those days too. I deal with it by blogging and reading. When I read I totally submerge myself into the book, no chance for anything on the outside to get to me. A couple of hours of reading usually mellow me down quite a bit...

Carol said...

I deleted my other post. I sounded terrible and didn't want to vent on your blog. I had some PMS!!

So yes, just to tell you, I really understand and I do have these days!!!

No_Newz said...

I'm sorry for the bad, happy for the good. Facts of Life theme song is playing in my head right now. :)

I try to schedule everything, even dirty dishes. It's not a great motivator, but it's how I get all those daily annoyances out of the way.

Part of my weird routine: Get out of bed, head for the coffeepot. After getting the grounds ground, the water poured, I feed and water the cats. I head into the bathroom for the morning pee, scoop the cat box while I'm there, wash my hands and finally coffee is ready and waiting. LOL! It's weird but works for me.

Have a groovy weekend!

Lois Lane

Annette said...

Hi Amy,
Sorry to hear you're feeling this way...I know how you feel, I have those "I'm not happy" days too. I'm fortunate that hubby really helps out in the cleaning/laundry dept. My house used to be spotless, nothing out of place. But once my daughter came into the picture that all changed...I was driving myself crazy trying to keep everything looking neat. I couldn't keep up like that and finally resolved that it was more important to enjoy time with my family than trying to keep a picture-perfect house. I'm perfectly fine with a 'lived-in' look! Don't beat yourself up over the's not worth it. As for the exercise/eating thing... when you find a solution to that one let us know!!! Go look at some happy China blogs and look at those cute baby faces and that will lift you up!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry you were having one of those weeks, I think we all get like that from time to time...good thing there is God to help us get through those times! Praying next week is better for you!