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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Parents 40th anniversary

Ok, need your help. My parents are celebrating their 40th bday this November. The plans for me to go to Central Florida and help plan an big surprise party. Due to circumstances and finances, we are unable to do this. My sister and I still want to something nice for them.I live in Ga and they live in Fl, along with my sister. What are some ideas for things we can do? I told my sister you guys were a creative bunch!

Pray for those involved in that bridge collapse! How scary!


Michelle said...

Hmmm...the only thing I can think of right now is something that was done for my grandparents' 50th. My aunt had photo frames with pictures of them on their wedding day, and then a professional portratit that was done recently. She also did a scrapbook for them which was really nice.

Anonymous said...

Create a scrapbook from their friends and family. Start now and send out letters to ALL of their friends and family. You can even send the paper you want them to write on, ask them to send pictures of themselves with your parents. Then put together a scrapbook for them.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sorry, no help here. We didn't do anything for my parents on their 40th and gave them a party on their 50th. My in-laws just celebrated their 40th a couple of months ago. We all took them on a family vacation, all of the kids, spouses and grandkids. So, no help from our family for your situation.

I like the idea of the person ahead of me - a scrapbook is a great idea for an occasion like that. And notes and pictures from all kinds of friends and family make it really special.

Good luck, and let us know what you figure out :)

annb said...

I saw something really cool here one time - the wife of one of the local radio dj's rented a billboard for a day and had her husband's picture on it along with birthday greetings from her. How fun would that be for your parents for see themselves on a billboard, near where they live, along with all of their friends who would see it as well!