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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Hmmm..Just got back from the gym and I promised Miss Lucy a quick walk before my nap time. Work schedule is odd this week as I am working every other day.Our big stressor is still the weekend schedule and what we are going to do.ugh

We have friends, family to visit and I want to try to find something fun to do to celebrate our birthdays..We will see. I have a couple ideas.

Work was good on Sunday night. There was a patient (it wasnt my patient, i dont know the patient) that was scheduled for surgery Monday morning early. I am not sure why this is bothering me. I dont know her or her family. You see, she has a brain tumor, a pretty big one. It was the fact that 20-30 people showed up prior to her being wheeled in to pray for her and her family and to offer support.

Thats what I want! No, not majot surgery or pain for any member of my family. But church support that loves you unconditionally and is there for you. I want to be a part of a group that does that. Church today has been stereotyped. I have helped in that stereotype. For many years, the adults always told me "the church is not the builiding, but the people in it". I finally understand that and I want that.

Pray that we find it.
Pray for the sweet patient, the drs and that family that needs support
Pray for another sweet patient of mine who is going through a rough time right now

I hope you are all doing well!

Oh yeah, on the new year resolution front:
1) I am eating better. Last night we had chicken with feta and lemon, risotto and fresh broccoli
2)Michaels morning blood sugars have been really good
3)I have been able to go to the gym almost every week
4)and those 100 calorie snack bag things rock! NOw there is a Reeces bag that I tried but because it is so addictive, I cant have anymore
5)Our floor at work is hosting a game called "The Biggest Loser" to help us with our goals..I am excited about it. Free extra help

Thats all for now!


Amy said...

I agree! The 100 calorie packs are wonderful! And if and when I do crave something sweet like that i don't feel guilty plus I am quite satisfied because they taste so good! Keep up the good work Amy!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

The coolest thing the morning blod sugar is that it is not rebounding before I eat. It used to be that I would check it before I left for work and it might be 180 or so, I would eat nothing, take my meds and have a diet coke on the way to work and then three hours later it's 238 or something. I figure there must be something in the diet soda that triggers a release or something.

I have not had a morning soda all week. I have only had iced tea (unsweetend) in the evening, and today I awoke to a sugar level of 165. I took my oral meds and ate an apple on the way to work (a good sized red delicious) and when I went on break my sugar was 164!

amy said...

He is awesome..