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Saturday, January 20, 2007


IF you only had one channel to watch the rest of your life, what channel would it be and for what shows?
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Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

too painful to even imagine!!! I can't even decide. I don't watch a ton of TV, but I tape my favorite shows. And I watch a lot of CNN.

Cyndi said...

wow thats hard!I dunno my soap GH is on AbC but espn plays more yankees games during baseball season and fox has the world series...i'd probably go with Espn.See I'm a dedicated fan.:)

jenny said...

I voted for Fox, nice to know most voted for it...this is a cool poll,hehehe!

Kimo & Sabi said...

You left out Animal Planet - that's our favorite!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I picked ABC because of General Hospital and Oprah, but I wasn't sure if that was Fox or Fox News. If it was Fox News, I might have picked that so I could be kept aware of all the "happenings" all of the over world. It's the news channel I watch the most, although I admit they do get on my nerves after a while.

L^2 said...

I actually only have one channel (Fox) unless you count the "fuzzy" PBS station that comes in every now and then - because I'm too cheap to pay for cable and I don't think you can get any of those cool "dish" things in my middle-of-nowhere town - but I love Prison Break, Bones and House so it works out fine for me.
Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved this poll, Amy! I just added a poll to my blog and hope you will stop by for a visit to cast your vote.

(I gave you credit for me finding "pollcode".) :o)

Sparky Duck said...

counting up, it would have to be CBS, because when all the shows come back on, I could find something to watch every night

Jeff said...

Is it cheating to vote for my own network?

Celfyddydau said...

I'd have to go with Kimo and Sabi on this one.

In the UK we don't get most of those. The ones I recognised were Discovery (we have a bunch of discovery channels) and CNN which we get news on.

KC said...

OOPes I voted for NBC, but ment to vote for ABC.
I would pick ABC because of my soaps AMC, OLTL, and GH. PLUS they also have the rest of the shows i watch which would be Ugly Betty, Greys, Desperate Housewifes, and Brothers and Sisters. BUT how would I live without 24 and prision break???? which are on Fox. and I would never get anything done around here without Nick and Nick Jr. LOL :)

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Boo Hoo! The history channel wasn't listed.