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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thank you

So, I went to the dr to get those elevated white blood counts checked. As a nurse and after talking to doctors at work, I knew the chances of it being anything were slim. I called to verify my appt, and they answered North Atlanta Cancer center, may I help you? Fear began and I don't know why. Perhaps its the funeral this week, other patients but the C word scared the crap out of me.

I get there early to see the dr. I see patients waiting..Older patients. Younger patients. Bald patients. I hear their stories. I know what their plans are for the day. Chemo, bone scans, new treatment. I am alone. (not to worry, Michael would have been there. He needed his sleep and I wanted to go alone). I hear them. I see them. The faces of cancer. This horrific disease has affected each person around me.

I go into the office. I glance at the chemo chairs. They give me a pamphlet on YOUR CANCER! I'm thinking, do they know something I don't. I get weigh..Now that was fun, I tell you. I got blood drawn. A lot of blood drawn. I am sent to the exam room, where I wait alone and my mind wonders. Not for long thank God, but it indeed wonders. Am I ready for a surprise? What if there is a lab that was drawn that I don't know about and my Dr didn't want to tell me.

Well, my new Dr came in and said "You are a keeper. I'm sure seeing Cancer everywhere scared you" you are fine and your WBC has already returned to normal. Seriously. She rocks. She came and just told me. On a scale of 1-10, she said she is worried about a 0..She said, come back in 3 months and we will recheck and then release you to a doctor. She is setting me up with a nutritionist there so that's good.

Oh yeah, because I had to wait, I had to pay an extra dollar in parking. They took a check for 4 bucks from me..


Southern Girl said...

Oh, that's great news, Amy! I know you must feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off you. Yay!

Christie said...

thank God! that mustve been very scary for you, but I'm glad it is all ok.