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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bullet Posts

-I went to Publix and my eyes watered again. I told y'all I was crazy. Its fall and everyone was friendly. Everyone told me to have a nice day and they were just, well, nice.. and they had scallops to sample.

-Weight loss is not going well. I have gained this week. I am still going to WI tomorrow and will let you know how bad it was, well maybe I will. It will get better.

-Christmas is coming!

-I have started a weight loss blog. I will share on that blog, what i am eating, when I am exercising and my thoughts on the whole thing. If you would love to visit, head over to the its still in the beginning stages. But I will also still share my losses over here too!

-Christmas is coming

-I am working Halloween night and I don't really care which is quite surprising

- a family of a patient that i took care of sent me the sweetest note yesterday and included a worship CD by Laura Story and told me they were praying for our adoption. Like that didn't make me cry and no I am not hormonal or any of that stuff.

-2 friends announced pregnancies this week and 2 friends had babies. Congrats Mindy, katherine, Christine and the Ramsey family!

-Will this be our last Christmas without kids?

-Autumn is a stinker and although I do not believe in reincarnation I can not help but wonder if Lucy the basset hound has left her mark. Apparently she left buried toys for the next dog todig up and find. How kind of her!

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Vanessa said...

Oh, Publix! I sure do love that place. :) Look forward to meeting you at the blog party.