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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

technical difficulties

Its now Tuesday and I just got back from lunch with precious friends who always find a way of making my heart smile and restoring my hope and giving me the extra encouragement I always need.

So Sunday, we made it to church for the early service as I was excited to hear the news series, Coloring Your World. We sat in the theater and there were some technical difficulties. They had a plan B but plan C went into effect as one of the church leaders got up and spoke instead of trying to get the video feed to work. God is so good. We needed those technical difficulties. For the first time, in a very long time, I was silent and poured my heart to God in the most honest way (I am not bragging just saying that talking to my Father felt really good). Craig talked about what are you giving up? What are you hesitant to give up?

So, I asked. I listened. I specifically asked if I needed to give up online time and blogging. I was afraid not to ask because what if this is what HE wants to me give up? I don't think it is. I am still waiting and listening to what God wants because that is what I want.

I have never had visions from God and wasn't really hearing Him but I got this picture in mind and one day I may tell you what it was. It was something I have never really pictured or have any idea where it may have come from, but I am looking forward to what it may bring.

Anyway, I need to change my blog. I need to simplify it and get rid of some stuff. Does anyone recommend a blog designer with very reasonable prices? If I can't find anyone, I will go back to the simple blogger format. No big deal!!!

What I am learning is that God will use whatever means necessary to talk to us. We just have to listen. I am so thankful for Sunday!


Jose said...

But your blog is so visitor friendly, why would you alter it in any way shape or form. I love green and yours is one of my favorite templates. Well but it you feel it's time for change.

amy said...

Thanks Jose. I think what I want changed is the focus. I want it to be more than the words in the background. We will see what happens. You are one of my favorite readers

The Straight's said...

Amazing how he knows how to reach us?!!? See you tomorrow!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Amy,I changed my blog background recently and It was so easy... go to this site : the cutest blog on the here you can use free backgrounds and more..Many people have changed their look on their blogs...have fun. hugs, Baba

KC said...

Hi Amy.. here is the lady who did my basic design on my blog.. she can do as little or as much as you want and she is very good at working with you and getting you exactly what you want. here is her website

kailani said...

Designs by Sheila does great work at a great price. Check her out!

Thomas said...

Hi, I'm just cruising around looking for people who need help with design. (I just started a design company.)

Depending on the work you need help with I can undersell anyone if necessary--being new and all.

Thanks :)


Librarian Lee said...

I love the green! It gives me a nice, morning smile!