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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

fall is here

Fall is here. Life is good. Its odd to know that 7 years ago, we were finalizing seating arrangements and picking out our wedding music. October is very much my favorite month and the next week some of my posts will be pictures from our wedding and some wonderful memories!

I'm out for Bible Study, weigh in, lunch, getting hair done and going to the thrift store to find some clothes possibly one size smaller (i am not spending big bucks on new clothes that I only hope will be able to fit for a few months?

When I think if fall, I think,
my wedding
my honeymoon (Colonial Williamsburg)
cool clean air
getting ready for Christmas
good times

What do you think of when you think of fall?


Brooke said...

I also think of my wedding. We were married on September 24, 2004, and yeah the fall always make me thankful for God placing my perfect match in my life! :)

Amy S. said...

Congrats on your nice loss this week for CC Christmas Challenge. It's always nice to see the scale move the right direction!

Jose said...

Definitely my wedding, which this year marks 27 years. I must admit mi chica is a brave one to put up with me for so long. My daughter's birthday is two days before our anniversary so that's nice too. Holloween, yeah I love to see all the little ones dressed up in costume. Unfortunately here in Phoenix we do not experience Fall like you guys do, as of right now we are still having triple digit temperatures.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Fall means busy, busy, busy here! Almost too busy to think!

Amy said...

I think of people racking leaves into big piles and letting their kids jump in them a few times before having to burn them! I think of the covered bridge festivals with all the yummy food and crafts for sale. And I love to watch the leaves changing colors right before my eyes!

KC said...

Can't wait for the wedding pics..
We got married in Oct also. Which date is your anniversary??

amy said...

We were married October 6th

Pam and Jeff said...

Our wedding. Ten years on Oct 17th. My nephews birthday is also Oct 17. Jeff's mom's birthday was Oct 18. Our lid is the 19th. LID.
I love fall. I love leaves. I love getting ready for the holidays. I love the festivals.

Wendi said...

I move to Florida a year and a half ago from the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina and I miss the mountains all aglow with all the colors and brilliant magnificence. October is my most favorite month. NOTHING exceptional happens for me or my family, it's just wonderful!

Michelle said...

When I think of fall I think of:

my birthday (I will be 35 in November uggghhh)

getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think of cooler weather (I am in Texas and I live for the cooler weather since it's sooooo HOT at least 9-10 months out of the year LOL)

I think of it being so close to another year gone and a new one to start.