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Saturday, October 18, 2008

concert and thoughts

So, the MWS/SCC concert rocked. Go see hubby's pics here.

So after a quick dinner at Moe's, we headed over. Is it bad to expect to be blessed? Cause that is what happened.

This was more than just a concert, it was an amazing worship event. We had great seats and during some of the most awesome songs, my heart and eyes teared up as I turned and watched hundreds of people standing with their hands raised and eyes closed. I know God was smiling.

Then I started thinking of the 2 men who were performing. Now, during my walk with Christ, I have heard some amazing words. But music has always touched me in a more emotional way. MWS was one of the first artists I listened to along with Amy, Wes King, David Meece, Bryan Duncan, DC Talk and other old school artists. I did not listen to SCC until college. In fact I would listed to the Christmas cd driving home from college in Tn to Fl.

Anyway, sometimes I listen to the music and not the words. I need to slow down or I am going to miss something.

These 2 men said YES when God asked them to serve. I can not imagine how many lives have been touched by the music of these 2 men. They both shared their hearts. Steven talked about the loss of Maria Sue and how the family was doing and Michael shared his love for our great country.

It was awesome. its amazing how sometimes things you have heard your whole life just come back to life at the oddest times. Last night reminded me that we have a God, not A GOD, but God, who knows our every thought. Knew our first day and knows our last. Has plans for us that are far better than anything we can come up with. Every Christian concert helps open my heart to new things. This is now expected. I love the worship experience. I love it when my heart and mind are focused on the One who created me.

last night, it was nice to hear some of the music that has encouraged me. It was hard to hear SCC talk about Maria. I have not done a post on the event that changed that family's lives because I didn't feel right about it. I do not know them and I will more than likely never know them. But my heart has been unusually really heavy for them. I don't know why. After the incident,I had a hard time sleeping. My mind was with this family. I wondered what they were thinking, what they were feeling.. At first I wanted it to go way, it was just too odd. But I just prayed everytime the family was heavy on my mind Like many people, the Chapman's have influenced many. When I look at the seeds God planted for our adoption, they are an early part of the story.

SCC talked about how the songs he has written over the years to ministed to others were now encouraging others.

What I am working on coming to grips with is that God is God and we are not. Could it be any more simpler ( the words may be simple but that statment is just crazy cool)? God is not A God, but GOD! He is awesome , beyond anything I can comprehend. There will be bad times, there will be hard times. God has a plan, a journey for us. Sometimes those hurdles on the journey hurt and are hard but if we can keep on walking with Him, we wll experience true awesomeness!

God loves me. God likes me. He has awesome plans for me. Do I always fully trust Him? Do I glorify Him with my words, thoughts and actions? No, but i want to. He deserves so much more than I can give Him. I am so thanksful for eternal life.

Sometimes, as a God follower, I think I think inside the box and that comes across to those who I meet. I do not want to a box thinker. I need to work on that.

Sorry for the rambling. I feel better now.


Vuong and Steph said...
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Vuong and Steph said...

Great post and awesome concert! It was so great I never wanted it to end! It was good to see you there. I'm glad you guys had fun, too!

Wendi said...

I am a lover of CCM and one of my favorites has always been SCC. I was reading your blog and just wishing i could have been there. So i went to the website and see that the last stop is in St.Augustine on Nov 8 and then it occurs to me that i'm going to be in St. Augustine on Nov 8. Now I ask myself, is it fate?

Jose said...

How awesome that you had such a great time.

Susan said...

I love both of these artists...they are coming to our area soon and I would like to see it. Sounds like it was worth it.

Thanks for sharing, Amy!

:-) susan

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Oh how I would have loved this concert, they are both favorites of mine! I was very disturbed by what happened to Maria too. I suppose God put it on our hearts to pray for the Chapman's!

Beverly said...

Not rambling at all. So glad you got to go to the concert and that it was awesome.