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Saturday, October 11, 2008

We are back

We are back from our get away to Chattanooga. I will let you know when Michael has the pics ready. This was one of our best fall trips!

We started late morning Friday and headed straight to the Tn Aquarium which rocked (and has changed since we were last there 4 years ago). I liked this much better than the Ga one but it did make me want to make more frequent trips to our local ones (more on that later). Then we headed to our hotel, checked in and walked over to Red Lobster which has their all you can eat shrimp thingy going on now.

Came back to the hotel, chilled. Oh yeah our hotel (Marriott Courtyard) had a jacuzzi in the room and they gave us an anniversary gift!!! Got some good sleep, slept in and left about 11. We decided to do Rock City which was having their Oktoberfest and it was beautiful. Much better than 4 years ago and they had tons of fall decorations, which meant lots of pictures..Rock on!! So, after a couple of hours, I got my Starbucks Pumpkin latte thing and we headed home, stopping first at Cracker barrel which by the way has tons of kids clothes 70% off and no we did not buy anything. Really, all I got was my to go tea!

We are back. I am thinking about cleaning and putting some fall decorations out and Michael headed out to his Charity Poker Tournament at the restaurant!

A good time was had by all!


Jose said...

Amy, I ma so happy to hear your trip was such a sucess. Again, happy anniversary. Mi chica and I will probably to something similar in two weeks.

Wendi said...

I visited the TN aquarium about 9 years ago and i was amazed. I've always wanted to go back but we haven't gotten back up that way. I was at the GA Convention Center the week the GA aquarium open and always wondered how it would compare to the one in TN. I'm missing the fall colors of up north, wish i could be there.

Happy Anniversary!

Susan said...

I love TN! Sounds like it was just perfect. And Happy Anniversary.