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Monday, October 01, 2007

Contest Winners

Okay, I a trying to get around and visit everyone who won, but if your name is on here, I need your address and email address so we can discuss prizes. I have also listed the random prizes for people who participated, just not as much..All of you rock. Remember Christmas Central is coming along with a Christmas Card exchange and other fun stuff

Prize Winners
Jenn from Enjoying the Ride
I am the Diva

Random Prize winner (prizes to be determined)
Karen L (Ladmans Chinese Takeout)
Carol from Waiting for Emily
frazzled farm wife

So please email me so we can discuss prizes. Random prize winners just email me your home address and I will get your surprise prize out to you!


Michelle said...

Yay I won something! :) How exciting :) I gave you my email in the previous post :)

amy said...

I indeed got it, thanks!!!!!

hockeymom27 said...

Thanks so much for having the contest- I e-mailed you about the home address... I am thrilled to be a winner!

katskrackerbox (Kats) said...

OH HOW AWESOME!!! I have emailed you my information. Thanks for having the contest. It was so much fun!

Sallie said...

Amy --

That is so COOL!! Thanks so much! I'll email you my info...


Karen said...

Oh this is so exciting. Do let me know if you have received my postal address OK, I've just emailed it through.

What a blessing you are!

I received an award today and I am so passing it on to you "You Lift Me Up" award - see my latest post.

Thank you and I hope that you are likewise encouraged.

Melanie said...

Thanks so much Amy!!