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Monday, October 08, 2007

random thoughts

More Random Thoughts

1) Our 6th anniversary just passed, how cool is that?
2) Michael and I are working on Greys Anatomy Season 3. The last thing we watched last night was Meredith falling into the water. We also watched part of Field of Dreams
3) We were "ghosted" Michael left for work and found a bucket of candy and a ghost on the porch. We are to now "ghost" other people on our street.You put a paper ghost on your door to let other people know not to "ghost" other people. Lucy and I went for a walk today and noticed over 10 homes who have participated so far. I think its kind of cool.
4)See post below for the link to vote on Michael's costume. He also did a post on what we are studying at church
5)Our church is huge but its really starting to feel like a home church home. We are involved in a small group and doing a Discovery Class and our small group seems to get along. I hope they continue to love us unconditionally because we sure have our faults. My women's Bible Study is also great even though I fell asleep through it last week. Leviticus was not my favorite book.Michael and I have lots of homework this week. This church really rocks..Check it out at
6)Its really fall and leaves are starting to change. The Apple Festival is next weekend and I am excited about that.
7)Tomorrow we will see what everyone on my blogroll is blogging about
That's all. Hopefully it will be an uneventful night at work


seedsower1962 said...

I came over from Xanga to say Hi!! Your blog looks great!!!

Leah's Mom said...

Hey Amy,,

Too Funny our 9th Anniversary is the 24th of this month!!!!! Happy Belated Anniv. to you 2!!!! Thanks for all the positive vibes on ur Blog!!! I am jus thankful,, I have been fair busy, it really helps the time pass!!


hockeymom27 said...

Happy Belated Anniversary... I have been busy moving into our new place and have not been able to really comment lately... It sounds like you celebrated wonderfully!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I like the whole "ghost" thing.