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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Life in general

I am waiting to hear from just a few more winners and then I will list what everyone won!

Last night, Michael and I played trivia with our new small group and a pizza place and we had a really good time. Michael listed several of the questions that we had.
Heading back to work tonight and then again on Thursday and I have a few days off. Friday we have our First Friday adoption support group. We will be spending our anniversary (Saturday) at the Greek Festival (we are always out of town and never get to go) and then probably dinner afterwards. Sunday we start a class at church and that will be good.

In our Women's Bible Study, we will be doing Leviticus this week.

Its definitely Fall here this morning, and I hope we get some pumpkins and things this weekend as well. Scarecrows and hay are already our and the leaves are just about to turn colors. its such a wonderful time.

Sorry about the lack of substance, perhaps later..HaHa!


jenn said...

I emailed you my address yesterday with my choice. Did you not get it?
My email is:

I would love the christmas chain thing.

amy said...

I got it my friend, sorry about that, I just wrote to everyone!!!!! You are the first one to claim it so it is yours..Thanks so much for playing

Jose said...

You guys are always busy, I tried trivia once but really sucked at it. lol Maybe the next time you have a contest I'll enter again.

Kats said...

Amy, I've sent you an email twice. Let me know if you received it.

Sallie said...

We are going to San Diego this weekend.. excited about the trip and visiting friends! We love getting together with family/friends we haven't seen in ages!

God bless,

FRIGGA said...

I went to Costco yesterday and saw they had bags of small assorted pumpkins on sale. I got all excited. Then I got close enough to see the fruit flies and smell the rot - yuck!