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Monday, October 29, 2007


Good morning friends. Its Monday morning and the World Series is over. Besides the Red Sox, I had no idea who was playing until last Wednesday while playing trivia.

This week involves working my usual 3 nights, a meeting, and trick or treating. I so enjoy passing out candy and I am glad that Michael is dressing up this year..WooHoo.
We had our last Discovery Class yesterday (I cant attend next Sunday because I am working both Sat and Sun nights) and then another awesome service with wonderful music. As hesitant as I was to join a huge church, this has been a blessing. I am active in the women's ministry, Michael and I are enjoying our small group and Michael is getting plugged in by volunteering at the new bookstore in the church.

How was your weekend? here is another question. Are you afraid to try a new shampoo? I am. I need to get over that. My shampoo is too expensive and then you have to buy conditioner..

Head over the adoption blog and join us in our Monday prayer time please.


jenn said...

I switch shamppo every few months. I've heard your hair can become "used to" a certain shampoo, and you won't get the same results after a while. I am very picky, because I have long, thin hair, and I need shampoos and conditioners that won't damage my hair when I brush it out. Right now I'm using Garnier Fructis for length and strength, and I love it. It works nicely, and smells good too!

amy said...

Im more picky about my conditioner as i have such thick hair...I need to find something new

Jose said...

Amy, I am glad to read that every thing is ok. With the amount of hair I have left I don't think changing shampoos is an issue. lol

Have a good week.

Carol said...

Hi Amy, just wanted to say Hello. We of course have been busy in China! I got the book and wanted to say Thank You! It looks like a good one! Now to find the reading time~~~~

Susan said...

I am not afraid to try new shampoo. In fact, I like trying new things. I DO hate it when it leaves my hair feeling weird.

Sounds like you have a busy busy week.

Praying for you.



Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Amy, I use so many different shampoos and conditioners, I can't even tell you the name I am currently using...Have a great week . Baba

FRIGGA said...

I have my favorite shampoo. But it's actually healthier for your hair if once every few months you wash it with a different shampoo. It freshens up the hair. So I like to buy some (typically more expensive) stuff, and then use that 4 or 5 times a year.

kim said...

Thanks for visiting my blog last weekend--(photo-hunt) I have had an enjoyable time visiting your spot tonight for a bit and I have a little treat for you over on my site-a little thank-you for visiting and commenting!

Amy said...

I'm cheap and buy whatever I have a coupon for! What kind are you using? Maybe you can sign up for some free samples before buying a big bottle.