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Sunday, February 10, 2008

the Grammys

If you ever want to punish me or make sure I go insane, lock me in a closet and make me listen to Kanye West and Amy Winehouse repeat their acceptance speeches. As much as I can appreciate their music (Love Golddigger), I soooo wanted to mute the tv.

Thats all until tomorrow.

Hope this doesn't tick anyone off..


Sarah said...

Well I agree with you totally on Kanye West especially. In fact if you checkout my blog you will see I posted something similar and quoted Vince Gill's comment to him which I loved...LOL!

I also, despite being a Brit', think that Amy didn't deserve the awarsd she got. Right now her life is as big a mess as Britney's and to reward that sets the wrong example for youngsters totally.

I like your blog, we are even reading the same I will add you to my faves list and keep up with your news.

Sarah said...

Oh forgot to add....Gold Digger - what a totally awesome tune!