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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the night shift

I have many benefits of my job. One of these benefits is getting to know some of my families. Last night I admitted a patient who was 3 weeks old with RSV. She is beautiful, I mean the kind of beautiful that makes you want to stare at this child. Oh I hope she feels better soon. So, I started talking and asking my questions and learned that she was adopted. My new friend was in the delivery room when this sweet baby entered this world. This is her second baby and shared that story as well.

We eventually got the sweet baby sleep and mom and I talked and eventually I got mom to sleep as well.

Around 5 am, the resp therapist found me to tell me mom was crying. I went in to talk to her and learned that only does she have a brand new baby, her older daughter is sick, her mom is not feeling well so she hasnt seen the baby, the dog has cancer and husband has been taking care of kids, the house and the doh, and prior to this adoption she suffered a late miscarriage of twins from doing IVF. She has a lot on her plate and she is alone at the hospital. Will you please say a prayer for her? I so looking forward to talking more to her as she does have a happy story!
She explained to me her feelings the day she met MM! I asked her if she cried and she said it wasnt until mM cried that she just lost and said no matter how long we wait for LynnMarie, we will treasure the moment we will meet her..

I complain about work and sometimes I complain about the people I work with but I just love my job. I love moments like these,


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a great story! You are such a great nurse....if I had to be a patient in a hospital, I would want a nurse just like you!

A prayer has been said for her and her family and for you and your LynnMarie!

Susan said...

What a blessing you are to her.

Thanks for sharing this story. And yes, I'll pray.


Christie said...

Can you pleaseeeee be my nurse if I ever have to be in the hospital?

This is such a sweet story!