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Thursday, February 28, 2008


2 things, one more important than the other

1) Michael and I are heading out the door to go to Memphis to relax and visit old friends. Pray for fun and safety

2) A very close friend asked me a very serious question regarding my faith and what I believe and I am having a hard time answering this. She asked me as she is struggling with answers and thought my blog readers may be able to help. Please answer and share with others who may be able to share their thoughts.

Do those people in third world countries who are never able to hear the gospel and given the opportunity to receive Christ go to hell?
Thats a very hard question for me to even type. But I hope we can some answers as I will not be blogging but she will be reading this. I know what I feel about infants and small children so I guess its the same. I do not know. Please share your thoughts and if this gets into an argument or something, please be nice. I will not be here to monitor.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Hmmmmm.....tough one!

FRIGGA said...

When I was a teenager I asked this question of my Father and we had many discussions about it. The conclusion we had come to was NO. Someone who has never heard the word of God are automatically saved in the same respect as children. You see, even though a child is a sinner when its born, it won't go to hell if it dies as a child because it never had the CHANCE to accept Christ.

FRIGGA said...

P.S. Have a fun and safe trip!!!

Sister Snoopy said...

No, I don't believe so. Everyone will have a chance to be taught about the Savior, whether it is in this life or the next. I mean, think about it... Our Heavenly Father loves us all, right... Would he really damn His children who lived before Christ was even born to hell because they hadn't heard of him?

No. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What holds true for us today held true for those who lived then and vice versa.

Mandy Grace said...

Amy my friend, I must respectfully disagree with the above comments. I believe that YES anyone who doesn't receive Christ as their personal Savior will go to hell, including people who have never been preached to in third world countries. According to Romans 1:18-21, all men are without excuse because of the visible evidence of God in the world. Creation reveals God's glory, and Psalm 19 explains that beautifully.

I'd recommend this link for further reading (remove the space between lines):

I hope that helps!

Tymm said...

Ahhh - theology discussions. Always good for controversy - no?

I think that the "age of accountability" concept is pretty reasonable when wrestling with the idea of infants or children passing away before they were able to make a decision for or against Christ. I know we have asked this ourselves in light of what we have recently experienced.

I tend to agree with Mandy Grace when she states "all men are without excuse because of the visible evidence of God in the world. Creation reveals God's glory..." - I think this definitely can lead a person in a 3rd world country who has no access to the written word of the bible to believe in a Creator - something much bigger than they are.

Where it gets sticky is when the claim arises that they have to accept Jesus Christ as their savior - having never heard of Him or having never heard the gospel story and therefore not even being able to have the option to believe or not believe kind of puts them at a distinct disadvantage. That is why the great commission is so very important.

I think in the end, God knows the hearts of these people. I have been there and have seen their faces when they hear of Jesus. You can't fake that belief or excitement - they actually seemed more likely to take the facts of Jesus for what they were than a lot of people in developed nations seem to do.

steven.russell said...

How can you accept Christ if you have never been presented Christ?

I would say that the God of Love would NEVER ever send someone that had not heard of Him to Hell.

No way.

And if the argument of Romans 1:18-21 is there...why should we even preach the gospel. I mean. If we expect the evidence of Christ to be good enough for some, shouldn't it be enough for everyone.

Tymm said...

Oh I completely agree with Steven on that - how do you accept Jesus if you don't know who Jesus is or have never had the gospel shared with you?

I think Romans 1:18-21 is more about saying that you can't deny the existence of God. Nature alone reveals a God of might, intelligence and intricate detail. A God of beauty who controls powerful forces. This is called general revelation. Through the Bible and the coming of Jesus we learn about God's love and forgiveness. This is called special revelation.

Thankfully our God was gracious enough to give us both.

Missionary work is critical to the delivery of special revelation - but even without that - there is proof enough in everyday life in a 3rd world country to know that God exists - and that is enough for Him - for you to believe in Him.

Susan said...

People are not held responsible for what they've never heard,and had opportunity to understand, in my opinion. I cannot serve a God who would not show that kind of mercy.

Interesting question.

Kelly said...

Have a safe trip sis..
thanks :)

amy said...

You guys have me thinking. I really am almost afraid to tell you how I think. I do believe my God is a gracious and loving God.

I am presently reading Blue Like Jazz and he reminded me of Noah and that God destroyed the earth except for NOah and his family which means that children were in that flood. That got me thinking.

I think that missionaries go out to spread the gospel and to introduce Christ to those who have not heard of Him before.

Jose said...

They will go to where ever their believes take them. Humans have always worshipped a God, be it an idol or an animal. And just like the Indians believe their souls will go to a next life they hold their own believes that may have nothing to do with our way of worship.

TeaMouse said...

No - they are not going to hell. I too would also think it similar to infants. Even though these people do not know of God and the Bible, He knows of them and will bring them home when the time comes.

Mercy's Maid said...

I believe the verse in Romans has been referenced refers to God. Nature reveals God. But nature doesn't tell us anything about Jesus.

I think maybe that people who have never heard of Jesus are just expected to believe there's a creator and maybe they'll have a chance later on (after death) to accept or deny Christ.

I don't know. I just can't see God damning someone who has never had a chance to believe in Jesus.