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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Union- the memories

Union University

To read the impact this school on my life, head over the adoption blog and to see pics google it or visit

As you guys have seen or heard, Union was devastated. God is gracious and no lives were taken at Union, but many people died in these storms. Please keep all in your prayers.

Being the sentimental girl that I am, i thought I would summarize some key points of my college life in bullet style. For the record, my college rocks!

- I changed my major during my junior year. Sorry dad!

-I went to UU for the nursing school but changed to the nursing program because of a pharmacology class

- Because of upstairs neighbor Sara, I woke up a 5am for over a year, went to the YMCA and lost over 50 pounds

-I did not visit the cafeteria until my senior year

-I really tried to be cool, it didnt work

- Sara and I drove to Memphis in the rain trying to find a Clay Crosse concert, we were late and got there for the last song

-I was afraid of a lot of people

- I had friends in all sororities although I was never in one (too afraid)

- I had a kitchen in my dorm, Patton 11

-Vince Gill, Wynona and Michael English all visited Union

- I went to New Orleans on a short term trip

- 2 of my roommates sang in my wedding

-I actually had several roommates in college

-once a month I had to defrost the freezer with a knife and a hairdryer

-I once stole a sign from a park and ran

- I walked out of a movie with Jenny Hinton

-I missed curfew just a few times in college

- I not only lost a lot of weight but gained a lot as well (thank you O'Charley rolls)

-I got in trouble in college by complaining about loud neighbors and had to go to mediation

-i had to go to summer school because the night before my microbiology exam, my RA took a few of us to see Rebecca St. James in concert

- We had several tornado drills in college. Because of that, 8 girls got to bond in a downstairs bathroom

-we learned to keep one foot on the floor at all times during the times when boys and girls could visit each other

- I went on a retreat and apparently was to0 afraid to eat in front of people and my first roommate told on me.

- I was a bridesmaid for roomate Jenny during college

-I thought I was the only person not getting married during college

-I enjoyed going to chapel

- I babysat for my professors son Dalton and he is now in middle school. What the heck?

-Jenny had a car named Larry and she went home every weekend

- I worked at Walgreens, Sears and was a sitter for the hospital during college

-I loved driving home from TN to Fl for Christmas and cranked up the Christmas music

-I would get up on Sat mornings at 5am to be first at the washer and dryer

-I did several "allnighters" at Perkins studying before exams

-I went to church by myself a few times in college

-I leard to love Christmas and learned a song from Jenny called "On december 5 and 20 Fum FUm FUM

Enough about that. Its time to confuse you but here are few things about Union friends

- I was roommates with Jenny, LeeAnne, Tracy, Amy, jenny and Kim (not all the same time)
-my next door neighbors were Tiffany, Nivah, Jenny and Lori
- Jenny married
-Steven was best friends with
Jeff. I knew of them but didnt really know them in college
-Upstairs lived Sara and Val and some other people.
-Sara lives in Jackson and flew to Fl for my wedding and I have seen her a few times. here comes the good part.
-Jeff lived in Atlanta. We met him, all became friends and went to trivia several times with him
-Jeff married Val (yes the one above) and they got married in Tn. So we went to their wedding and saw all the people mentioned above and will see them again in a few weeks as they moved back to TN
-next door neighbor Lori is adopting from China and I hope to see her soon as well
-A different Lori lived across the street upstairs who will always be one of my best friends. Lori was a bridesmaid
-Lori, Jenny (next door neighbor) and were roomates for 1-2 summers and watched the movie SHAG dailiy

As you can see, I had amazing friends who are still in my life and amazing experiences..Pray for Union, the students, those making decisions concerning UNion and everyone in Jackson. I may add to this list as my memory brings more things up.

any other UU alumni want to share?

photo taken from

These were our dorms. Looking at this picture, I lived in the dorm to the far left, the one highter on the screen, the closest to the campus. As Steven said, the commons area (directly in the center of the picture) is gone. That is where we socialized since we had men and women dorms.


Mercy's Maid said...

My nephew and his wife go there and I am so so thankful that they're OK. It's really a miracle that nobody was killed on campus.

Fresh Girl said...

What a great idea for a post! I may have to do one of those myself in the next day or so.

Did you see in one of the photos that the Sugar Shack is still standing? That made me smile. :)

Susan said...

Ah college memories. This sounds a lot like my college. It's so nice to be in a place that is smaller and really is like "family" isn't it? Still praying for these people.


Daddy Forever said...

Sorry to hear about what happened to your college. Glad no one was hurt. Quite a long post today. I think it's funny you had to keep one foot on the floor at all times when boys were visiting.

kailani said...

I heard about this - what a tragedy! Hope they're able to recover quickly.

Allie Caroline said...

Woo Woo Patton 11! Fun Times! Every Christmas I hear - ON DECEMBER 5 and 20 FUM FUM FUM - and I think of you, Pentz! Miss you and those days!

Sparky Duck said...

Nice memories, though this is certainly not the way I would want to hear of your school this way

Vicki said...

I was lucky enough to meet you in college!!! I too am very sad about Union...I did not think that it would make me as sad as I am. That place helped shape me into the person I am today...actually it was the people that I crossed paths with...and I thank God for them everyday!! Union Dearest Union :)

Fresh Girl said...

Hey, Amy..I have my own set of memories up on my blog now. Thanks for sparking the idea! :)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I loved hearing about your college days!